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Raising speed limits is irresponsible -- states keep doing it, of course

Cars are America. America is freedom. It’s no accident that the country’s foundational myths are written in road trips. The Oregon Trail. Sal Paradise and his Cadillac.

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Speed traps more effective than lower limits

Re: Speed limits based on kinetic energy, by Robert A. Douglas, April 13.

This letter mentioned kinetic energy as the justification for reducing speed limits on country roads. 132 more words


City debates residential speed reductions to 40, even 30 km/h

The city will spend the next eight months doing public engagement and reviewing data to determine whether 40 km/h or even 30 km/h is the best fit for reduced residential speeds. 633 more words

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Speed Kills

I just discovered that I can petition to have the speed limit on my street in Ogden changed.  Apparently all I have to do is fill out some paperwork and they’ll “consider it.”  These folks don’t know it yet, but we’re going to become very good friends.   619 more words

Speed limits based on kinetic energy

Re: County speed limits are inconsistent, by Jim McGuire, April 6.

Jim McGuire asks why speed limits are reduced at county road intersections. It’s pretty simple, really. 210 more words


Anti-speed limit crusader leads fight across Essex County

Jim McGuire can’t get behind the wheel of his car at his Amherst Pointe home off County Road 20 without feeling frustration.

No matter where he is headed, reduced speed limit zones, which he says are “out of hand,” fuel his ire. 694 more words

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Rural speed limits need to be raised

Are Essex County highway speed limits too slow? Every year for the past couple decades, there have been a few reductions to speed limits in areas where there might be a few homes on one side of the road. 212 more words