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ODOT should have better included public on speed limit decision | Opinion

The Oregon Department of Transportation has approved a plan to lower the speed limit on Interstate 5 between Roseburg mileposts 123 to 127. The agency offered valid reasons for the change, including recent data from the state’s Speed Zone Review Panel that found an unusually high serious and fatal crash rate in the area. 66 more words


Lowering of I-5 speed limit through Roseburg approved

The stretch of Interstate 5 that runs through Roseburg will soon have its speed limit reduced to 60 mph, according to a press release from the Oregon Department of Transportation. 49 more words

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City Council Calls Emergency Session After Four Cars Struck By Pedestrians In 24 Hours

The first incident occurred late on Friday afternoon, as a reckless runner sped down a Parkdale sidewalk at nearly 10,000 meters an hour. A large black truck, resplendent in its gorgeous chrome detailing, a rolling wonder of modern engineering, was driven at pace through a stop sign, its driver having easily ascertained there were no other vehicles in danger at the otherwise quiet intersection, and in a rush to get home to polish his truck’s knob. 448 more words


Edmonton to consider lowering speed limits in residential neighbourhoods

In the new year, Edmonton city council will look at possibly lowering speed limits across all residential neighbourhoods.

Most maximum speed limits in residential neighbourhoods are 50 kilometres per hour but in a few neighbourhoods, including… 321 more words


Oregon Could Lower Speed Limit On Interstate 5 Through Roseburg

The Oregon Transportation Commission is considering lowering the maximum speed limit on the section of Interstate 5 that runs through Roseburg.

Source: Oregon Could Lower Speed Limit On Interstate 5 Through Roseburg . News | OPB

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30 km/h speed limits coming to Edmonton playgrounds

In a vote of 13-0, Edmonton city council decided to approve playground speed limits of 30 km/h. Playgrounds now join other zones across the city, like elementary and junior high schools, where the speed limit is reduced. 440 more words


Proposed speed limit changes for some Saskatoon roads

Speed limits on some Saskatoon roads could be changing.

A report going to the city’s standing policy committee on transportation on Monday is recommending speed limit changes on eight sections of roadways. 450 more words