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Lest We Forget.

Mission Motorsport is no ordinary organisation….
This unique motorsport charity is special in many ways.

Their objective is to inspire army veterans and provide them with various platforms to get involved in racing. 279 more words



The Christian race is not about speed, but stamina. It is a long distance marathon, not the 100 meters sprint. “They who endure to the end shall be saved.” 591 more words


Touch Typing: A Dying Art

So recently I had an unfortunate situation become a pretty fortunate one, whereby I aquired a new MacBook Pro. This generation is the latest update to Apple’s MacBook Pro line up and among its features is the new second-generation butterfly mechanism keyboard . 907 more words


So How is Your Production Speed?

Is it growing? Does it take less time to produce? Yes/No? Do you know why? Sure you do!

That’s great if you do know but let me explain my point of view. 359 more words


Love in Cars

Cars are often associated with status in life. Materialism has done that to all people so it is not just cars. What if people decided that everything we purchase was an indication of the love we give/receive?   297 more words


Top 5 Attributes College Coaches Look For In a Quarterback

Coaches may run different offensive playbooks, but when they recruit quarterbacks, every single one of them is looking for certain qualities. If you’re a high-school QB who wants to compete at the next level, brush up on these five attributes to help you grab the attention of your dream university. 634 more words


John Wick: Chapter 2 (Chad Stahelki, USA, 2017)

A highly-saturated neon-noir. John Wick: Chapter 2 is all Keanu Reeves, action-set pieces in exotic locations and attitude. Keanu has the face of an oriental sage, a body that’s imposingly lean and athletic, and the stance of a surfer dude who’s acquired sophistication along the way but still doesn’t get wit: He tries, and the camera helps him along. 320 more words