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City to consult public on lowering speed limits, signs off on Thames Valley Parkway trail project

City politicians are giving staff the green light to organize public consultations on slowing traffic down in some of London’s residential areas.

Those meetings are expected to take place throughout the summer as part of an investigation into lowering speed limits below 50 km/h, hiking fines for speeding, and implementing photo radar systems. 304 more words


Fast on the way up, beat it on the way down

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

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Not so fast

Bikes allowed, but not so fast.

Seen in Madrid, Spain


Alex Jones Show: 5/21/19 Video Game Speed Runs, Dopamine Levels In The Brain, Fantasy V.S. Reality


If anyone wants my attention just talk about video games. I believe this is Alex Jones first time watching a speed run. (The game was Super Mario) There’s a lot of truth in what he says about this world system and how it’s designed to distract us from the real world. 24 more words


#FINAL RESTING PLACE By Jonathan F. Putnam


I am now updated with the Lincoln and Speed mystery series as I finished the 3rd

installment of the series. I have learned a lot about Lincoln’s early life and life in general in the 1830s. 78 more words