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What was your very first car?

Ohhhh those good ol Cutlass Supreme Oldsmobile’s! Back in the day of speed and NOT gigabytes, having a big engine was in! V-8 engines were tops to scoop the loop and V 6’s were for those not wanting the speed and rev and Chinese fire drills at down town stops! 56 more words

Goals check in.

Right after I ran a marathon last October, I set a few goals for myself. It doesn’t count to set goals if you don’t review and assess, right? 561 more words

Speed drawings: the fine art

Recently I have begun to watch and observe many videos on youtube regarding speed drawings or speed painting. Essentially what these are, is a short ten minute video that show an amazing piece of art work but the whole process is sped up. 158 more words


Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is becoming more and more popular. This technique is for self-applied, deep-tissue massage of your muscle tissue. It creates longer, healthier muscles and can help to increase mobility, decrease soreness, increase posture and help with recovery. 396 more words


My Cocaine/Amphetamine abuse

After been sleeping at different policestations around the city of Gothenburg not less than 8 times for alcohol related problems in a time period of less than 2 years and finally one prosecute for holding 1,79 grams of the drug cannabis in my jacket i finally had it. 1,006 more words