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A New B Group Tuesday Night Record for the 28-mile Course: 1:10:43

I’d left work an hour early because I thought my wife had planned a surprise birthday party for me.  I still had plans to ride, but I wanted to get home early and enjoy my day… only to find out she was taking the kids to the lake.  946 more words


Comparing a Trail Bike to a Downhill Bike

I started riding mountain bike tracks on a trail bike. The Trek Fuel was a great bike to start on, and it flowed and jumped really well. 376 more words

Mountain Bike

How to ride a circuit faster!

It’s a while since I’ve ridden repeated laps of the same circuit so today I thought I’d go to Birkacre for it’s excellent little loop. A lap starts at a high point and drops through various twists, turns and straight sections right to the bottom of the area before climbing to another high point. 777 more words

Mountain Bikes

The speed of recovery

There is a lot of discussion about whether we are in recovery yet, are some of us there, are some still in crisis, and what does the future hold? 600 more words

Internet / Streaming

We’ll probably need an internet connection for starters to download the MFS2020 program, it’s highly probable it won’t come on hardware media. Well … who doesn’t have an internet connection nowadays? 224 more words