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Dentists will soon be able to 3D print you a new tooth in minutes

Watching advancements in 3D printing technology can seem like watching science fiction—impressive, but ultimately out of reach and arguably bearing little relevance in daily life. 381 more words

Counting Down the Days

We’ve told people this passage should be expected to take 21 days. This is derived by assuming we will average about 6 knots…approximately 150 miles per day…approximately 1,000 miles per week; 3,000 miles = 3 weeks. 236 more words

BPO Part2

Aero helmets?

Spare time is a dangerous thing. In the ever lasting search for marginal gains I’ve been looking at getting a new aero helmet for this coming season. 184 more words


Simulating Reality: Nissan GT Academy in the Philippines

“The Real Driving Simulator”

It’s the line that’s found on every Gran Turismo CD case since the debut of the franchise in 1997. Today, in 2015, the franchise has built its reputation around simulating reality, differentiating itself with almost-maniacal attention to detail and an incredibly vast selection of vehicles. 3,115 more words