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Staunton Speeding Ticket

When you get a Staunton Speeding Ticket call the Lawyer with more than 30 Years Experience — Bob Keefer.  Bob’s office will schedule a FREE CALL… 321 more words

Staunton Speeding Ticket

Busted Tail Light

On Monday, I got this message from my friend Tim:

On Tuesday I was stopped for speeding.  Not fun, but it happened.  After that stop, I walked away with 3 citations and 2 warnings.   161 more words

Day To Day

Things NOT To Say To A Cop!!

Note to self : don’t ever do this again! I have written about my incredibly fast car in this blog. I remembered an incident this morning that I had to share with you. 441 more words


I got a speeding ticket, and I deserved it

Last year, I wrote a series about ticket traps in Georgia that helped spur the state to require police departments to report how much revenue they get from speeding tickets. 337 more words


Anne Bell , Good Citizen. . . . . . No More!


I imagine I have gotten your attention with that title and image !  Probably not what you expected from me! Well, let me start at the beginning. 700 more words

Don't tell me August isn't a four letter word.

I dread August.

What started as a journal process for my kids has turned into a bit of therapy for me, as well. Killing two birds with one stone is always welcomed in my world. 514 more words

Why Am I Always Right?

It finally happened. As a parent, I don’t want to always be right. I don’t want to be the one standing with an angry face, hands on hips, saying I told you so. 229 more words