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Should I accept a speeding fine from the police - advice from a specialist solicitor

Nobody wants to have penalty points on their driving licence for speeding. Points lead to increased insurance premiums and getting 12 points can mean a driving ban of 6 months or more. 1,691 more words

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Just a morning smile, in 60 seconds.

At first, there is fear.

Then, a measure of respect (No, Sir).

All followed by a laugh of sheer relief. 30 more words


Speeding and Traffic Ticket Lawyers in St Louis, St Peters MO

www.trafficlawheadquarters.com – Are you wanting to fight a traffic ticket in court?  Our traffic ticket attorneys are here to help you fight your traffic tickets. Contact our attorneys at (314) 963-6334.

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Establishing Rights in the Courts with Attorneys to Resolve Various Disputes

Establishing rights in the courts with attorneys to resolve various disputes

For many people, getting solutions for various disputes in the courts seem a haunting task that lead to risks. 332 more words

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Stalker neighbour part 2

Hiyyah everyone

I am so angry!!!!

We got home last night after. My card being declined after putting petrol in my car. Having to ring my mum to put some money in my account to pay for said petrol so the guy at the petrol station didn’t ring the police on us. 309 more words

Driving 'n Crying

Hows’ my driving? The bumper sticker of many truck drivers and delivery vans. Do you have the need– the need for speed? If so, beware, and be safe. 244 more words

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Not A Hot Take: If You Pay Speeding Tickets With Pennies You're An Asshole

“I was on my residential street when I got a ticket for going nine miles over the speed limit,” he told CNN. “I thought it was unfair.

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