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A Speeding Ticket after 28 Years

I will immediately admit that it was totally my fault.  Saying that, let me quote my son: “Let’s take Hwy 19; it’s two lane, 55 mph all the way there.” 779 more words


History Hits: Pre-Radar Speed Enforcement

For a website called TheSpeedTrap, it took me a shamefully long time to think of today’s article idea: How did law enforcement officers enforce speed limits before the advent of Radar in the late 1960’s? 1,294 more words


Hawaii Speeding Ticket Dismissed


Are you looking for information about Hawaii speeding ticket dismissed?

Is it important for you to get the right details about Excessive speeding ticket Hawaii? 284 more words

Should I Get A Lawyer For A Speeding Ticket?

#TuesdayTips – Speeding Tickets

At some point or another everyone has likely went over the speed limit.  What happens when you do and you’ve been caught?  What happens if you don’t think you were going as fast as what the officer told you?   396 more words

That Time I Got A Speeding Ticket - Teaching Kids About Grace

Exactly 3 days after the accident with sunshine girl’s finger and the Epi-Pen, I had another humbling experience.

A speeding ticket.

My first one.

In the mini van. 1,376 more words


More Late-Night Butterfly Effect Thoughts

A few days ago, I got a speeding ticket, and ever since, I’ve been observing its ripple effect. Here is one of those ripples. 526 more words


I Took The Road More Quickly Traveled By

Some days you come to a fork in the road. You know that both roads will eventually take you to your same destination. You know that both roads will take you there in the same amount of time. 308 more words