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8,000 red-light camera traffic tickets withdrawn in Australia due to WannaCry virus

Police in Victoria, Australia announced recently that they will withdraw all speed camera infringement notices issued statewide between June 6 and June 22 after a… 474 more words


Danielle Smith: Are police or cameras more effective at stopping speeders?

Photo radar is one of those issues that seems to have stuck in the craw of Albertans since the moment it was introduced. I’ve never really understood the vehement opposition to it. 217 more words


Is Using Speeding Ticket Lawyers in Cortland a Good Idea

You are driving along the roadways just as you always do but this time you see those flashing lights pull up right behind you. You pull your car over to the side of the road and you know what is going to come next. 375 more words


Drivers beware: Red light cameras may soon ticket speeders

A bill that would allow cities to use red light cameras to ticket speeding drivers is on its way to Gov. Kate Brown’s desk after passing the Senate Wednesday. 42 more words

Oregon Legislature

Best Speeding Ticket Ever? DeLorean Driver Pulled Over for Doing 88 Mph

SANTA CLARITA, CA — A Santa Clarita man who drives a DeLorean, the famed car from the “Back to the Future” movies, was given a speeding ticket recently for going the exact speed that broke the space-time continuum in the classic films. 245 more words

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Mayor of Alberta town that ditched photo radar has advice for the province ahead of review

The mayor of a central Alberta town that only recently abandoned photo radar as a way to catch speeding drivers is speaking out one day after the provincial government announced a review of whether the practice has simply become a “cash cow for municipalities.” 702 more words


Over 3,600 speeding tickets handed out by Alberta peace officers in April

Alberta peace officers issued more than 3,600 speeding tickets in the month of April across the province, causing them to ring the alarm.

Peace officers also stopped “a high number” of drivers going more than 50 km/h over the posted speed limit. 168 more words