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Bob Layton Editorial: Speeding

Bring up the topic of speeding and you will have an instant audience.

Some drivers complain about photo radar. Some places have banned it.

Construction sites are still worried about those who do not slow down. 224 more words


Speeding to Chicago

I was born and raised about an hour northwest of Chicago, but I’m currently living in Park City, UT. For the past 6 years, my husband and I and our daughter have always gone back ‘home,’ around Thanksgiving. 290 more words


She was distracted

It was such a lovely day

The world called her out

Trees swayed seductive

Clouds hung low enough to touch

The sun, a bit shy… 15 more words


How to Drive Chicago: Speeding Tickets 

44. Drive. If you’ve got a lead foot like me it’s good to know who has jurisdiction to pull you over on the roads surrounding your city. 130 more words


Red-Light Cameras In Oregon Can Now Ticket Speeders, Too

new law allows municipalities in Oregon to use their red-light cameras to ticket speeders.

Drivers won’t be fined unless they’re going at least 11 miles per hour over the speed limit, but the tickets can be issued regardless of whether the light was red, yellow or green at the time. 14 more words

NC HOA faces dilemma: how to control traffic on private roads

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

Home buyers might believe that living in a planned community with private roads is a good thing. They might imagine that traffic on their road will be limited to residents and guests. 734 more words


Edmonton photo radar revenue down by $3M; drivers speeding less

Revenue from Edmonton’s photo radar program was $3 million under budget this year because people aren’t speeding as much.

At Wednesday’s Edmonton city council meeting, councillors and the mayor called the decrease a “good news” story. 274 more words