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TrapTap kicks speeding tickets to the curb

by Derek Gagnon

It’s Saturday afternoon, and you’re out for a ride in that sick whip of a minivan your parents let you have. You’re travelling at a comfortable pace, but what feels like a comfortable pace for you has now accidentally gotten up to 60 kilometres an hour in a 50 kilometre an hour zone. 599 more words

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It's back...

I’m going to relaunch this site as an aggregator for stories that you should probably read. Politics, longform pieces, cultural stuff and other weird things I’ve come upon. 291 more words


This wearable will help bikers avoid speeding tickets

A new wristband promises to let you ride around on your motorcycle like a madman without getting caught in speed traps. This seems like an idea that totally won’t backfire. 152 more words


Speeding Tickets in Halifax

A new law enacted by the Halifax police issuing speeding tickets, resulted in the following reaction:


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WHAT BANKRUPTCY CAN’T DO: Traffic Fines, Speeding Tickets, DUI fines, Misdemeanor fines, etc. (part one)

There are some debts that bankruptcy does not affect. You can file bankruptcy to help relieve the burden of credit card and loan debts, medical bills, back utilities and rent, and so forth. 1,101 more words


Of course I was speeding but I expected to get away with it because (1) I was in a Volkswagen Beetle and (2) I’m cute. At the time the pig was giving me the ticket, I was more concerned about being late for my meeting but as time progressed I started feeling guilty.

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Pink Gumbeaux

Driving 'n Crying

Hows’ my driving? The bumper sticker of many truck drivers and delivery vans. Do you have the need– the need for speed? If so, beware, and be safe. 244 more words

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