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Speeding Ticket Lawyers

Get Rid of Your Traffic Tickets Today So You Don’t Have to Pay!

Pull over at the first possible secure time after discovering the policeman is pulling you over. 637 more words

How Many Points For A Speeding Ticket

Day 23 in NY, or "Sure, why not I'd love a speeding ticket, officer"

Wednesday February 25, 2015

I went to the 9:30am Vinyasa Flow this morning. I am driving a Nissan Maxima, well I think it is a Nissan Maxima. 470 more words


Oh My Atlanta

Hey again! It’s me (Elizabeth), i just wanted to update you all on how life is (:

Well, i personally like to think that God gives his toughest battles to His strongest soldiers, but sometimes i think that God has a little too much trust in how strong He made me. 1,610 more words


Red Light District

In which we run a 5K, and a red light. One cost QR140; the other was slightly more expensive…

If this were Sesame Street, this post would be brought to you by the colour red and the number 6,000. 1,215 more words


Choosing the right lane...

I am most definitely an introvert, but I’m not sure I really drive like one. I am more…shall we say…pro-active on the road…than a… 833 more words

If something can go wrong, it will.  That’s how my life is, that’s how my life always has been.  I’ve noticed this ever since grade four when I’d my name would be drawn out of a hat and I’d be partnered up with the weird kid that 

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Speeding hotspots in the Piedmont -- where they are and what to look for

FOX8 asked police and sheriff’s offices in the Piedmont where they issued the most speeding tickets in 2014.

Officers we spoke to wanted drivers to know the areas they focus speeding operations because they hope it encourages motorists to slow down in high-traffic areas where they see a lot of wrecks. 188 more words