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New Anti-Speeding Program Reveals Ticket Totals To Greenburgh Motorists

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — There is a new kind of ‘gotcha’ in one Westchester County town, intended to get drivers to stop speeding.

As CBS2’s Alice Gainer reported, Greenburgh is ready to take the new electronic speed signs to the road. 261 more words


Speeding tickets will be more expensive starting Oct. 21

QUEBEC — Speeders, beware. Starting Oct. 21, speeding tickets in Quebec will be more expensive.

Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée confirmed on Wednesday that more money from speeding tickets will go to the Fonds d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels, to help victims of criminal acts, and to the Fonds Accès Justice that funds family mediation programs, for example. 85 more words


Judge: It's Not Nice To Leave Nasty Notes On Speeding Tickets, But It's Your Constitutional Right To Do So

No one gets a speeding ticket and rushes out to pay it with glee, at least, no one who likes holding onto their money. But even if it’s pretty rude to scrawl an obscene message when paying that ticket, it’s speech that’s protected by the First Amendment. 368 more words

Vermont Man Clocked At 112 MPH On His Way To Fight Speeding Ticket

ROYALTON, Vt. (CBS/AP) — A driver clocked at 112 mph on an interstate in Vermont told police he was heading to traffic court to take care of a speeding ticket. 130 more words


Drivers ticketed for speeding in school zones

WATCH: Speeders nabbed in school zone

WINNIPEG –One after another after another, drivers were clocked speeding in school zones as the speed limit changed today to 30 kilometers an hour Tuesday. 182 more words


School zone speed enforcement starts Tuesday

WATCH: Lorraine Nickel’s complete story

WINNIPEG — Thousands of Winnipeg drivers could get a rude and expensive awakening starting tomorrow.

Police say they will begin handing out speeding tickets in city school zones where the speed limit is reduced to 30 km/hr during the school year. 124 more words


Tulsa Speeding Ticket Attorney; Consequences of Paying Your Ticket

Traffic ticket fines vary throughout Oklahoma, differing by court, county and municipality. Most of the time, the ticket fine will be noted on the citation. However, if you do not see a fine, a court appearance will likely be required. 11 more words