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Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)

Vehicle Speed Sensor: The function of the vehicle speed sensor is to revive the vehicle speed to the engine control module(ECM). The ECM controls the idle speed control valve, ignition timing and fuel injection quantity for the purpose of improving vehicle drive-ability and exhaust gas reduction depending on vehicle speed. 199 more words


CBX250 Speedometer Gear Repair

Erratic Speedometer Reading

I noticed something strange on the speedometer when I was riding the CBX250 Twister last week. The needle was moving unsteadily. It was rising up and down even though my speed was constant. 491 more words


Arduino + Geometry + Bicycle = Speedometer

It is pretty easy to go to a big box store and get a digital speedometer for your bike. Not only is that no fun, but the little digital display isn’t going to win you any hacker cred. 203 more words

Arduino Hacks

Even Global-Warming Deniers Love Ford’s Environmentally-Friendly Speedometer

Climate-conscious automaker Ford is curtailing its use of toxic paint by no longer printing numbers lower than 30mph on its speedometers. Eliminating 0-29 saves 0.00014 grams of paint per vehicle, which is roughly 3% of the weight of a gnat’s you-know-what. 212 more words

Phone/GPS mount for the 250.

Readers may remember that the only time that I have ridden the 250 M3 was up and down the lanes around here. One thing that I noticed, apart from the gears being upside down, was that the speedometer was unreadable as the needle jumps all over the place. 260 more words

2006 Suzuki SV 650 S Speedometer Drive Or Pickup

2006 Suzuki SV 650 S Speedometer Drive Or Pickup

The Speedometer Drive or Pickup is an electronic or mechanical sending unit, that either through a harness or a Speedometer Cable allows the Speedometer or Gauges to indicate speed. 81 more words

Speedo Tuner Speedometer Corrector HO-002

Everyone deserves an accurate speedometer to prevent breaking the law and hurting the value of their motorcycles. Until now the only solution was limited to a few products that require complicated mathematical formulas to calculate an adjustment to offset a gearing or tire/wheel change, but it still carried the original factory offset along with it. 219 more words