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Have you ever taught of the importance of the speedometer?

The dashboard instrument cluster in your car
organizes a variety of sensors and gauges,
including the oil pressure gauge, coolant
temperature gauge, fuel level gauge, 181 more words


Key Sunlite Speedometer

If you prefer a analog tach that is a lot of along the lines of the old-fashioned motorcycle gauges. Pro1 makes some very nice analog tachometers. 308 more words

An Internet Speedometer With A Dekatron

, like most of us, is fascinated with the earlier ways of counting and controlling electrons. At a hacker convention, he found an old Dekatron tube hooked up to a simple spinner circuit. 238 more words


Nixie Tube Speedometer In Motorcycle Handlebars

The handlebars of this Honda CL175 ended up being perfect for holding two Nixie tubes which serve as the speedometer. There are two circular cavities on the front fork tree which are the same size as the Nixies. 153 more words

Transportation Hacks

Instrument Cluster Clock Gets The Show On The Road

While driving around one day, noticed that the numbers and dials on a speedometer would be a pretty great medium for a clock build. This was his first project using a microcontroller, and with no time to lose he got his hands on the instrument cluster from a Fiat and… 264 more words


DIY Speedometer.

Time for another update, and this time, I thought that I will share with you, my homemade speedometer. Using a photo-diode, a LED, a BC547-transistor, and a few resistors. 325 more words