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Halloween art month: Realistic Human heart speed painting

I decided to paint  this realistic human heart for valentine’s day 2016, it was a challenge to recreate the realism in the blood, and I really like the result. 18 more words


Plein air 1

Primer video a plein air en parque 3 de febrero Buenos Aires, espero que lo disfruten!


Todoroki Shoto Speedpaint

Hey there! I did a speedpaint video of my recent digital painting of Todoroki Shoto from the anime/manga series My Hero Academia. Please check it out! 69 more words


Speedpaintings & YouTube Channel

Hi there! I just wanted to do a quick update and let you know that I have a YouTube channel! I’ll be uploading videos every Monday and Thursday and I hope that you’ll check it out. 89 more words


Jaunty Cat Youtube Channel

We set up a Youtube channel. It’s dedicated to showing footage of our artwork so look forward to seeing speed paintings, speed drawings, and works in progress.

Dropzone Commander - more Shaltari vehicles

I´m quiet busy doing several projects at the moment but I managed to finish more of my Shaltari vehicles for Dropzone Commander. This time I´ve painted a pair of Yari light skimmer, two Heaven terragates and two Spirit light gates. 223 more words


Speedpaint #15: Anarchy!


A new Watch Dogs 2 fanart.I´ve tried a lot of things here, like anatomy, fire and colours.
I´m glad how it came out and yeah. 131 more words