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Mod Shop - Nerf Speedswarm - Air Restrictor Removal

I’m perhaps a little late to the party on this one, but I only picked up my first Speedswarm the other week. Completely forgot about it even existing until I saw it on sale for $10. 372 more words


Unboxing a package from Nerf (Take 5) (Spring/Summer Line) (Video)

Whew, biggest package I’ve gotten from Nerf so far. They sent me the:

Dart Tag Speedswarm
Light It Up Series Vortex Lumitron
Light It Up Series Rayven CS-18… 28 more words


New blasters:Rayven, Lightning Storm, Speedswarm, Lumitron

Brought to my attention by the good peeps at Urban Taggers are some new “Not Final” blasters, the Rayven, Lightning Storm, Speedswarm and Lumitron(which look suspiciously like a Praxis), anyway below are the respective pictures:D… 52 more words