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Outwritten by Spellcheck (Embarrassing)

It’s always a shame when spell-check outwits the writer.  Everyone knows the dread of spell-check so I won’t extol its evils or lay them bare on this page (there are plenty elsewhere).  216 more words


Teed off

If you don’t know what’s wrong with this picture (or rather, T-shirt) and you intend to write

—a literary masterpiece or a letter to Grandma—you need an editor.

Call me.


the language police

Two weeks ago I was doing the final read-through and final edit for Deception Bay. Part of that process is using WordPerfect’s Grammatik, which tells me what sins I’ve committed against proper usage, and the spell-check program, which can unerringly discover place and people names that it’s never heard of, but can’t tell me when I’ve typed the wrong word, as long as it’s spelled right. 266 more words

My Writing

Thursday, 6th August 2015

The OxfordWords blog has just published ‘23 words that everyone spells wrong’. And that’s everyone including the OED website, since cemetary crops up in… 83 more words


TUESDAY TIP: How to delete a misspelled word from the dictionary in QuickBooks

Have you ever accidently added a misspelled word to the dictionary in QuickBooks? If so, it can be somewhat annoying if you see that word surface on a printed invoice. 98 more words


the devil is in the details

(Sometimes the little words are the hardest to spell…..)


TUESDAY TIP: HOW TO turn spell checker on/off in QuickBooks

This is a rather easy Tuesday Tip, but sometimes the easy ones are most overlooked:-) Spell checker is a great asset to QuickBooks and can be turned on or off, although I’m not sure why you’d turn it off. 73 more words