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Skip the Trip: 5 Ways Not to Fall on Your Words

I love singing in the car, whether I know the lyrics or not. In an earlier era, I blithely and enthusiastically howled, “Is that yooooooooou, baby? 1,166 more words

Let's Talk About...: 5 Of My Blogging Pet Peeves

Most people have one: that one, tiny little trigger that simply drives you crazy as soon as you discover it. It might be only in that one, individual post or it might be something that’s a constant on someone’s blog. 550 more words

Call Me Mars

Free Lunch

“I get gold on this section”

“No you don’t”

“Yes I do, a run steel pans”

“Yeah but it says the rest of the team have to respect you” 144 more words

Anything Of Very Little Relevance

Before you publish: Edit

I’ve heard a lot of authors say they’re ready to publish that novel or story they’ve been working on. I know I keep talking about having a friend or close family member edit your stuff. 603 more words


Can we say SPELL CHECK

Apparently I can not spell!

‘Shinning’ should have been ‘shining’ lol


So, when you go to inscribe your Origami Owl Living Locket base or plate- PLEASE make sure what you want is spelled correctly!! 23 more words

A BBC News Typo Called It The 'Hardon Collider' And Twitter Exploded

Let’s be honest — “Hadron” is far too close to “hard on” for comfort. We’ve all thought it before, but few have actually typed the word without spell checking it 15 times. 182 more words

Web Culture

Spelling Issues

Facebook can be an absolute nightmare at times, for someone who is meticulous about spelling. If I have to pause to think how to spell a word, I look it up. 170 more words