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Union of grammar-offenders

I am represented at work by a union. A union of people who don’t construct sentences very well. 119 more words


Books on My Shelves - Don’t Trust Your Spell Check

According to the back cover of Don’t Trust Your Spell Check, “Everybody makes mistakes”. Unfortunately, its author, Dean Evans, is no exception. In a book that promises “pro proofreading tactics and tests to eliminate embarrassing writing errors”, nothing could me more disappointing than finding some of the latter in the body of the text and the tests. 534 more words


Scrivener and its spell check - Beauty and the Beast

Below you will find instructions on how to change the file used for spell check in Scrivener on Microsoft Windows. To describe the relationship of Scrivener with its spellchecker, I like to use the comparison of the Beauty and the Beast. 385 more words


The Taming of the Beast

In this post, you will learn how to create a word list that suits your needs and how to insert it into Scrivener’s spell-checking software. 370 more words



I’m sure my specialist will be happy to see hand propped up by pillows as he insisted earlier before discharge.  Me? I’m glad to be home and I’m quickly adapting to one-handed typing and thanking whoever invented spellcheck! 280 more words

Public Speaking & Toastmasters

white out

A problem with spell check is when the word is spelled correctly but it is the wrong word. When you then copy and paste that section 3 more times and totally miss that it is the wrong word, you have a problem. 256 more words

Pastor's Wife

Check It Out!

Time and again the spell-check on my computer has alerted me to a misspelled word.

Imagine, though, a computer for religious writers and for preachers preparing their sermons, equipped with a doctrine-check and a heresy-detector. 347 more words