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An ode to typos, with a shout-out to localisation.

As writers, typists and human beings in an ever-online, text-based society, we dread them. But for proofreaders, they bring joy to the world. (Okay, and still a little dread.) 344 more words


Rant: Damn you Autocorrect!

It’s becoming more obvious that Autocorrect is getting worse on devices and it’s ruining the world!

For years we have the jokey autocorrect mishaps, trouble was a few years ago the autocorrect was far more accurate than it is today. 797 more words


Writing Tips - Is Knowing How to Spell and/or Type a Must to be an Author?

Issue #70
Blog # 10-2018
Section: Writing Tips
Blogger: Joseph Clay

Well it doesn’t hurt and the writing goes a whole lot faster if you can type. 821 more words

Writing Tips


Hello, Friends, good news is that Jadalyn came to my house from the hospital on Wednesday and has been here until last night.  She had passed out on Sunday night.  174 more words

Questions you should be asking? Or should I?

In the writing challenge a chum and I have set ourselves, to write each of seventy-three blogs, we have come across a suggestion to write about or create one of those lists you come across. 539 more words


Spelling and Grammar Checking Guide

Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar checker is no match for the human mind. However, the checker can be of immense help if you put it to good use. 38 more words


on another note:

Have I ever mentioned how much I detest the automatic spell check / correct?

Panic Ducked,

is Not the same as:


At all!