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Check It Out!

Time and again the spell-check on my computer has alerted me to a misspelled word.

Imagine, though, a computer for religious writers and for preachers preparing their sermons, equipped with a doctrine-check and a heresy-detector. 347 more words


Using What I Learned

I recall taking an Algebra course a few years back, when I first started back to college.ย  I realized as an adult that these things are more important to me than when I was in high school.ย  388 more words

Spell Check Friend or Foe?

Has spell check become a friend or a foe? I contend it has become a foe. I will freeling admit that I get lazy about checking my spelling atย  times and therefore rely on spell check too often. 137 more words


September 17 2017

Self pity sucks .
It’s more tragic than whatever caused you to go into self pity in the first place .
I find myself starting to freak out about my current situation but that sucks too because it does nothing to help me at all . 74 more words


Publish It Easy v2.1.9 on Macintosh PowerBook 165c

In addition to my Apple II Collection, which comprises nearly all my posts, I have a few PowerBooks and iBooks. Here is my PowerBook 165c running Publish It Easy. 84 more words