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Could’ve is a contraction of could have.

It sounds like “could of” when spoken.

Spelling it that way, however, is wrong, wrong, wrong.

English Rules

How To Add Spell Check Onto Computer?

Adding a spell check onto your computer (it should already be onto it), but not on your internet provider such as: Google Chrome, Fire Fox, Internet Explore. 130 more words

Google Chrome

Don’t be bossed around by spell check!

Don’t get me wrong — I find spell check useful. But too many writers use the spell-checking tool in Word as their final authority on spellings, variants, hyphenation, when in reality this tool often challenges terms that are not only acceptable but preferable, while allowing genuine mistakes to pass by unchallenged. 752 more words


Ode to spell-check

Spell check my love,

You right my wrongs,

As if they were never there.

You kindly point out,

With your squiggly lines,

All my errors, 31 more words


Saturday, 24th January 2015

When I write an email and Firefox’s American dictionary underlines with red words like favour, artefact and jewellery, it sometimes makes me doubt myself, and I feel like Chris Finch doing a quiz with David Brent: ‘You’re putting this thing in my mind… this poison.’



Whenever I type the word ‘prepone’ on a word editor, it is underlined in red, but when I type ‘postpone’, no problem!

Anyone flinching at the sight of it right now? 109 more words