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I Like Rise Pudding, or..Beware the Perils of Spell Check

I would just like to qualify that first part of the title; I do like rice pudding served a la peasant….cold and straight from the tin. 524 more words


The Basics: "Why Can't I Just Use Spell-check?"

When it comes to editing services, one of the statements I’ve heard throughout my career is “Why can’t I just use my word processor? It checks spelling  203 more words


Senseless Sunday #Sarcasm: The powder of pill chucks

As I contemplated getting up from bed this chilly Sunday morning, I putted my guppies petted my puppies, my mind inexplicably gravitating toward spell check.  85 more words


UNRESOLVED ESL POINT No.10: Spelt or Spelled?

(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2cgVkA5)

I saw this word ‘spelt’ in a piece of writing from another teacher a while ago and seemed to be strangely shocked, that someone who was a native speaker, who was a competent teacher had made this kind of (what I considered then) mistake. 44 more words


MacBook Air

Rightly named, and giving me the notion that I am an airhead, I have bought a new computer.  Hoo-boy.

I don’t want to say, “What was I thinking?,” but… 161 more words

C'mon, Man!

Sunday, I went to our newest fancy sports bar/restaurant and decided to test out the Miller-Gilborn Menu Typo Hypothesis (MGMTH), which states, “Every restaurant menu has at least one typo.” This place is owned by a local restaurant dynasty that’s been around for decades. 254 more words