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UNRESOLVED ESL POINT No.10: Spelt or Spelled?

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I saw this word ‘spelt’ in a piece of writing from another teacher a while ago and seemed to be strangely shocked, that someone who was a native speaker, who was a competent teacher had made this kind of (what I considered then) mistake. 44 more words


MacBook Air

Rightly named, and giving me the notion that I am an airhead, I have bought a new computer.  Hoo-boy.

I don’t want to say, “What was I thinking?,” but… 161 more words

C'mon, Man!

Sunday, I went to our newest fancy sports bar/restaurant and decided to test out the Miller-Gilborn Menu Typo Hypothesis (MGMTH), which states, “Every restaurant menu has at least one typo.” This place is owned by a local restaurant dynasty that’s been around for decades. 254 more words

Spell Check

Lets do some rates shall we?

So I bought this new deodorant the other Day. Works pretty Good. one thumb up. I use the simplest rating system: two thumbs down means it sucks- no thumbs meaning most average- two thumbs up meaning outstanding perfect rating and everything else falls between. 385 more words

Edit for free

For obvious reasons, you’re not the best person to edit your own book. Even spotting spelling mistakes is a struggle, let alone evaluating its quality and effectiveness. 1,032 more words


Mythological writing creatures, grammar gremlins, punctuation pixies and spelling sprites

I can understand how in past times people explained things by their belief in mythological creatures such as fairies and goblins and sprites; when something inexplicable happens it is less worrying or frightening to have an answer even if it does involve a supernatural being of some sort. 341 more words


Creative Ways You Can Improve your Spelling

There is no one in the world who does not wish to speak English with the confidence of Barack Obama and the attitude of Hilary Clinton. 500 more words