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I can never spell the ...

For some reason the most activity on spell check for me is the word the. I do spell other words wrong but none as consistently incorrect as the.   194 more words

Sensible Speller for Apple IIe (ProDOS version)

I became curious about Sensible Speller and how it would operate as a non integrated program. Here are some screen captures of the Bootup, Spell Check, Dictionary selection and creation, and handling of the “suspect” words as they call them. 302 more words

Is there a copy editor in the house? LinkedIn spell checker is broken.

Sometimes we have a great idea for driving engagement on social media, and in our excitement to fire it off right away, we completely and utterly forget to check for those squiggly little red lines that tell us we’re doing something terrible to the English language. 59 more words

Grammarly test run

My boyfriend’s biggest worry is my lack of spelling skills. He is concerned that this will interfere with being an English Teacher. While I am not happy with my lack of spelling ability, I have no desire to actively fix it. 286 more words


Spell Check or Challenge?

Hello all fellow computer users! Today is rainy here. It’s a good day to settle in with a cup of hot tea and get some of those necessary computer tasks completed. 587 more words


SQL Prompt: For Your Group By Problems

The Joys of SQL:

Did you know that the SQL language allows you to do amazing analysis of data such as aggregate functions?

SELECT t.session_id,
       SUM(t.user_objects_alloc_page_count) AS UserObjectAllocated,
       SUM(t.user_objects_dealloc_page_count) AS UserObjectDeallocated
FROM sys.dm_db_task_space_usage AS t
GROUP BY t.session_id,
… 609 more words

Excel Spell Check Options

One of our Enterprise Service Center (ESC) supervisors shared a cool Excel tip yesterday. They often hear complaints about how there is no automated Spell Checker in Excel.  72 more words