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Rose of Jericho

The Rose of Jericho is a very peculiar plant. I must say that I’ve found it a fascinating little dried curio.  It is reputed that folk practitioners and even Christians pray while using this plant, also known as… 398 more words


Cecil Williamson’s Book of Witchcraft: A Grimoire of the Museum of Witchcraft by Cecil Williamson and Steve Patterson

(“About twenty years ago, while helping with refurbishments at the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, Steve Patterson discovered a curious manuscript written by the museum’s founder, Cecil Williamson. 56 more words


the end desired...

To obtain Magical Power, learn to control thought; admit only those ideas that are in harmony with the end desired, and not every stray and contradictory Idea that presents itself. 71 more words


Our Trip to Hogwarts Pt. 3 - Wingardium Leviosa!

There are a lot of souvenirs to buy in the Wizarding World and I mean A LOT. There are robes and scarves, stuffed animals, mugs and glassware, the entire book series in different formats and don’t even get me started on the candy. 1,079 more words


Rune Staves

We have all heard about magical symbols, objects, talismans at least once, or in the context of magic and ancient religious practices, such subject is often heard, so at this post I will be writing about the Runes as talismans, or as in an object that might help in any kind of magical work when dealing with the Norse Gods, so lets start with the Rune Staves. 582 more words

Pagan Celebrations

Bonus Action 011 - Spellcasting Part III

A new episode of my podcast, Bonus Action, is up on The Tome Show’s website.

In this episode Sam Dillon and discuss the difference in spellcasting rules between classes. 90 more words


Prayer to La Santa Muerte to Increase Good Fortune

It’s Monday, it’s the 25-year anniversary of my only sibling’s death, and thus La Santa Muerte is very much on my mind. Her shrine in my bedroom is overflowing with flowers, candies, … 401 more words

The Powers I Serve