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The Sociable Satanist: Occult investigator "Dr. Daniel Rumanos" doesn't need a day job

By Van Smith

Published in City Paper, Aug. 8, 2012

Meeting “Dr. Daniel Rumanos” face-to-face can be somewhat of a letdown. He is, after all, someone who once claimed to cast Satanist spells so that 12-year-old girls would have sex with him and who, when setting up a meeting with a reporter, says, “I will be the one who resembles Rasputin.” 1,129 more words

Five Years Ago


Composed 11/19/17
Description: Not so subtly inspired by my last post.

Don’t fear me
I have a disarming smile
And a degree in reflective listening… 86 more words


Wizard v Sorcerer? Psion!

Another Compromise Between Spontaneous and Preparatory

I’ve already posted about the house rule I use to make preparatory casters more appealing, but here is a core-rules alternative for players who want to split the difference between the wizard and sorcerer. 397 more words


Jupiter Money Magic - Diary of a Gypsy Witch

Jupiter + Money Rite = $$$ I can’t believe I haven’t actually blogged this yet. Anyone who’s written in to Black Witch Coven regarding money spells has got some version of this story.

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Diary Of A Gypsy Witch

Runes and Runic Magic

I’ve been thinking a lot about magic and casting and runes.  Even when magic is all around it’s difficult to access it, difficult to harness and shape it.  404 more words

Table-top Role-playing

5th Edition Casting, The Spirit Shaman, and a House Rule for 3.5

Wizard versus Sorcerer, the age old debate. Whether ’tis nobler in the mage to suffer the slings and arrows of unknown spells, or to prepare many different spells against a sea of foreseen troubles and end up not using them. 632 more words


Connecting to Source

The post Connecting to Source appeared first on Black Witch Coven. via Connecting to Source — Black Witch Coven Would you like a tarot reading with me?

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