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Spell vs Counterspell

The wild west of magic is full of dueling  casters slinging their spells all over the place. These duels can quickly become rough going as magic is flung around all willy nilly. 1,123 more words




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Show notes-Ep. 07 Alter Self

Episode 7-Posted April 1, 2019

Today we discussed Alter Self, a second level transmutation spell found in the Player’s Handbook.

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Dungeons And Dragons

Why no Spellcaster Worth their Salt will EVER Guarantee A Spell Will Work.

Etsy is one website where many witches cast spells for other people = for a fee. I see nothing wrong with this personally, however, There are major red flags to look out for… And then you realise you’ve been scammed. 342 more words



Ever meet someone you’ve felt inexorably drawn to? Maybe it’s the way they say your name. Or the number of times they blink. The angle they crook their head at, in thought. 832 more words

Chronic Thinker

Casual Magic: Close Your Cards

For a Lenormand reader desiring to incorporate spellcasting into their routine or simply to tell the world around exactly what it owes them, there is little needed but the very pack of cards they frequently use. 240 more words


Spellwork; my personal work ethic and pricing.

Spell workings will be available soon for purchase.

How I work;

I value honesty, respect, and reliability. All communication and information are strictly confidential: clients, messages, names, birthdays, addresses, and photos are kept private. 340 more words