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A Lesson in Magickal Theory

From my notes on Spellcasting Beyond the Basics by Michael Furie, Chapter 1: Know Your Magic:

Some notes I took on a book I’m reading to learn more about the different energies we project when we work magick: 457 more words


Our February Titles Are Here!

Happy Reading!

The Little Book of Dream Symbols

Jacqueline Towers

Did you know that a dream about a blanket can either be a warning to guard your investments or a sign that you can expect financial gain—depending on the context? 389 more words

Hampton Roads Publishing

Shadow work: My Shadow in a Bottle Ritual

…To me, trees are simply magical, they contain a spirit and an essence of place, which can also be bottled up and worked with at a later time… 387 more words


Magic in the Fay of Skye Series

This post jumps off a little from my guest post on J.L. Gribble’s blog, so if you haven’t read that yet, you should go check it out… 806 more words


Wishing Spell, Wishing Well, Cast your Wishing Spell

Wishing Spell

You will need for your Wishing Spell:  A piece of yellow ribbon, a small piece of paper, concentration, a living tree,  a pen choose the color based on your wish, money=green,  joy =red,  love =red,  friends =pink  etc. 317 more words

Magickal And Spiritual Living

Diane Meade Quote

“He used all of our parents. And now he’s using us.”- Diane Meade


Practical Runecasting

Strap in, folks! It’s nearly an hour long. Yeesh.

And of course right after I made this video I got a Call from about 13th century Kazakhstan and now I have a fever. Haaa, life.