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Non-Vancian Class: Arcanist

Please refer to the intro piece first for more information about the changes to spellcasting abilities this class makes use of.

Ability Scores:

Minimum score: Int 16… 2,003 more words


Ways in which lonely boys amuse themselves...

Firstly, I’d recommend a good book. Reading broadens the mind, allows you to see the world in totally new ways. Takes your mind off your aloneness. 1,044 more words


Ritual tools in sex magic...

Oh, I know – you were expecting me to say that you were going to have to book a ticket to Romania to find an ancient magick wand with your name carved in it. 59 more words


“the Magic Wand”

Fittingly enough my most personally empowered ritual sex toy is called “the Magic Wand”! It is actually a back and neck massager, but when its between my legs, it produces a particularly lovely and magickal result. 124 more words


Truly Non-Vancian Magic

Credit where credit is due: the train of thought that inspired this bucket of madness left the station from this post from Crater Labs. Check that out, then come back here.  2,227 more words


Bonus Action 007 - Spellcasting Basics

A new episode of my podcast, Bonus Action, is up on The Tome Show’s website.

In this episode Sam and I discuss the rules for spellcasting in D&D. 73 more words


Kalan's Story

“Kalan, child of Frelnir, Getr, and Enoin, do you understand why you have been brought before the assembly today?” Elder Richin, a tall, bald-headed man asked as he look down at me from where he perched, like a scrawny vulture, in the stands. 2,463 more words