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Bonus Action 009 - Spellcasting Part 2

A new episode of my podcast, Bonus Action, is up on The Tome Show’s website.

In this episode we discuss the difference in spellcasting rules between classes. 88 more words


Love Spells...

LOVE SPELLS: The universal stimulus for magic, there are more love spells, more different types of love spells than any other kind of magic. There are spells to find love, lose love, repair love, and to discourage one love but encourage another. 240 more words


Non-Vancian Class: Arcanist

Please refer to the intro piece first for more information about the changes to spellcasting abilities this class makes use of.

Ability Scores:

Minimum score: Int 16… 1,984 more words


Ways in which lonely boys amuse themselves...

Firstly, I’d recommend a good book. Reading broadens the mind, allows you to see the world in totally new ways. Takes your mind off your aloneness. 1,044 more words


Ritual tools in sex magic...

Oh, I know – you were expecting me to say that you were going to have to book a ticket to Romania to find an ancient magick wand with your name carved in it. 59 more words