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Spellcasting III: Summon Familiar

 ✯~ Spellcasting III: Summon Familiars ~ ✯ First time ever for this class! Create one prim and a HUD, when you push the buttons, your familiar appears – a sound plays… you can make the familiar vanish, and summon another!! 101 more words


Spellcasting II: Flame Breath

✯ ~ ✯~ Spellcasting II: Flame Breath ~ ✯ 

First time ever for this class! Bring your magic wand from last week, or make one in class, then one more prim and we can breath fire at anyone we target!! 94 more words


Animated Spellbook

I found this youtube series about spells in D&D 5th edition. They’re simple and short, and it looks like the creator is actively making more. Might be helpful! 20 more words


Spellcasting 1> Waffle Wand

✯ ~Spellcasting 1: Waffle Wand  ~ ✯

HUD-controlled! Make the wand, the magical waffle & the three-prim HUD, and then toss waffles & butter everywhere! For all AO types. 99 more words


Ostara, with Thunder

Could the Circle sisters end the drought with magick?

Jaguar Priestess ran up the steps leading to the front door of TigerLily’s house on Englewood Street. 3,076 more words

Short Story

Gladia! - Chapter 2, Part 2


“You have a gladia here!?” Lin asks, incredulous. There is a look of pure shock on her face.

Delrac laughs. “Violet was born after the War of Night and Day,” he explains. 1,214 more words


Witchin' Ain't Easy--Finding the Path that Suits You

I guess if I’m going to start writing seriously about modern solitary witchcraft again, the thing I would have to stress first and foremost is the importance of finding the magickal path that suits you best. 1,031 more words