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How to Memorize Words for a Spelling Bee

S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G B-E-E.

It is sort of difficult to memorize a lot of words for one little competition, especially if you are not the best speller on Earth. 423 more words

English Skills


When I was in fifth grade, I competed in my city’s spelling bee. Two memories stand out from that day. First, my throat culture came back positive for strep just hours before the event. 877 more words

Brain Injury

The Most Important Thing

“Exordium,” the proctors said, and the spelling bee commenced. Jeremy stood on the stage of Kinley Elementary School’s auditorium, wondering if the proctors were actually gargoyles that only came to life to hold these spelling bees. 2,737 more words


They Called Me "Elvis" the Whole Day!

02/13/95:  Today I did not want to get up!  I was so tired.  I got up anyway and went downstairs to eat breakfast.  It was very good.  448 more words


Bee is for Baby

Spelling is something that has always come natural to me. Even at a young age, spelling was one thing that I was really good at. 999 more words



We must not allow our children to fall behind the rest of the world in the ability to spell words that no one ever uses!