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Bee is for Baby

Spelling is something that has always come natural to me. Even at a young age, spelling was one thing that I was really good at. 999 more words



We must not allow our children to fall behind the rest of the world in the ability to spell words that no one ever uses!

I am not Competing with You

I must be an alien from another world and must not have much care in the world. I was never the type to compete. Sure I enter spelling bee contest and came in second place since I could not lie when the lady asked me to spell “booth”. 596 more words

About Me + Germany

Turns Out Dallas Dancers Aren't Good At Spelling...

Over the weekend, champion boxer Floyd Mayweather was in town partying at Medusa nightclub. You know Mayweather does everything big so of course, he wanted to… 80 more words


So Here's What A Porn Star Spelling Bee Looks Like

If you’ve ever wondered whether porn stars can spell words related to sex while half-naked, you’ve come to the right place. Team Skeet (yes, like the song) put a whole bunch of porn stars to the test and found that just like the rest of us, their spelling isn’t so great. 63 more words

Web Culture

I won’t win any spelling bees but i spell better than these big ole thumbs demonstrate.

Overthinking CNN's Article: Why Indian-Americans win spelling bees

Here’s the first sentence of their news article, which was initially the headline/top story:

“While you were out taking your kid to baseball practice or music class, Puthenveedu Jayakrishnan was helping his 12-year-old daughter spell words that don’t readily surface in daily life.” 662 more words