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Pdf of Collected new Spells for Ars Magica, the Iron-Bound Tome

Inspired by one of the great folks who publish Sub Rosa magazine creating an extract of my spells (all 117 of them), I’ve decided to put a pdf online of all the new spells I’ve written for Ars Magica. 122 more words


KingsRoad v3.4.0 Premium Apk

Answer the heroes call. Leave the safety of the hearth behind as you fight to prevent the warriors of evil from dominating the realm. Play KingsRoad for free in the most addicting Action RPG! 26 more words


Arcane Saturnalia...

The Sabbath of the Witches is the primitive and archetypal form of the Magical Rite. It is in this sense an eidolon in the Platonic sense of ‘form’; it is also glyphic in that its image of an Arcane Saturnalia ‘twixt Gods and humans encodes a complete body of occult lore. 83 more words


Tarot Readings!! For sale...

Yes I’m one of those people now, who’s selling tarot readings on Etsy, but hey I love reading Tarot and I believe everyone should get a Tarot reading at least once! 74 more words



As my crystal collection starts to grow, I want to make it my effort to spend more time with these beautiful stones. I love the beauty of crystals and I know that their healing powers can help me in my day-to-day life. 81 more words

Spell Casting May 25-31, 2015

Spell Casting May 25-31, 2015 gives you the optimal time to do specific spells and activities.

This week has strong energy to work with borrowing or lending money,office issues, fair deals, beauty, partnerships, and vigor. 400 more words

Spell Casting