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Level 1 | Lesson 2: I Want to Make Some Magick! Where to Now?

Merry meet my gorgeous witches! Salem here.

Finally I am back from a little dark patch I had – but I am feeling fresh and ready to teach you all something that saved me from an upsetting couple of months. 1,356 more words

Getting Started

Blue moon? Meh.

If it means something special, or magical to you, then that’s all that should matter to you.

Personally, it doesn’t excite me much anymore. A blue moon is a 2nd full moon in one calendar month – which calendar though? 291 more words


I had to mail two packages at the post office today and noticed a book of Harry Potter stamps behind the counter.

They’re so pretty. 13 more words


Troubles at uni

Zev was still being picked on.  He was teased and attacked at every opportunity.  His twin, Vlad, had moved into a flat with his fiancee, Miranda, and wasn’t there to support or defend him. 282 more words


J is for JOY

*From our series: “Our ABC’s of Wicca, from the perspective of the Coven of the Wolfa”

The experiences each individual goes through in participation in the Rites of Wicca may be on the scales of terror and joy. 69 more words

Fluorite Crystals

Just a little unique Hipstrrr touch.

The Dark Hug of Time Chapter 5 continued:


“So it’s pretty primitive,” said George Gervais of Visgor. They were standing around in the room that was slated to be George’s work room, which was about five meters square with no windows and three doors. 867 more words