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'The Source' Curse

(This is a cross post from my Tumblr, swampseer.)

This little gem is heavily inspired by the last 8 years of listening to God Module. This will be a long one so buckle in! 569 more words



Even those who cannot read will know the sign Poison

If they ignore it…

They do so at their Peril ♠

Magickal Arts

Welcome December

Well, December is finally here.  Didn’t take long.  So now I have to make a list of things that I hope to accomplish this month. 221 more words



Owl sees
Cowl of disease
Shroud of cynical sleeping fleas
Avowal that I never become as these

Who, you?
Owl cries
Foul foundation of lies… 43 more words


Heart Healing Spell

My gentle healing hands
Upon my heart today
To wish that all the hurt
Dissolve and melt away

Breathe in and count to three
Breathe out to three real slow  39 more words


Star Protection Spell

I place my hands upon my heart
With love to set me free
Power up my heart with love
Shine that all may see

Make me brave Make me light… 74 more words


Dream Magic 101

Dream magic is something I did a lot as a teen but less now. However, it can be incredibly useful if you keep in mind that it’s a dream. 655 more words

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