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Samhain Spell: Warming the Hearth

This spell is best performed on the eve of the autumn equinox or on the eve of Samhain 1 May (Southern Hemisphere). It’s a spell that burns the past and creates room for new things in the upcoming year. 164 more words


The Man in the Tavern

You see that man there?
The man in the corner
with the weather worn leather draped over his shoulders.
He’ll sell you
a spell of the sort you’ve been seeking… 49 more words


I'm Excited for Life!

Good morning everyone!

So, I had a super loooonnngg week last week – it was crazy busy. I had my first event in my new job in London and it went pretty well, a couple of pixie like hiccups, but nothing too bad at all – thank you Hathor, thank you Universe. 345 more words


A Pregnancy Blessing

I’m in the middle of moving, but I did finally manage to go through one of my boxes and pull out the notebook where I’ve been keeping my notes for “A Mother’s Kiss”. 330 more words


How To Become A Witch (Outline)

Hi Everyone!

Ok, so “How to Become A Witch” may be a title with a tinge of arrogance where other witches are concerned. But I aim to make this post in plain, simple English so that everyone can understand it. 759 more words


Free Yourselves from Mental Slavery!

I am going to talk  about the IGNORANCE and ILLITERACY of my RACE.  

Please, no one tell me that other RACES do it.

I could care LESS. 501 more words


It's in the Image

I can’t remember — so what else is new — whose blog I was reading, but the blog addressed either how to cast spells or why spells don’t work. 419 more words