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The barrage of temptations and distractions are constant in today’s society.

It is daily, hourly,every minute,every second. Will it end? It’s everywhere you go; the cell phones, T.V., radio, magazines, billboards, newspaper, on line, off line. 366 more words


The Quest For "Boom!"

Jed’s been moving up in the ranks of the Order of the Sun, learning the secrets of how to make things explode in different ways. It had been his intention, after the… 236 more words

Mississippi Jed

Hedge Witch Rede

The Rede of a Hedge Witch Magic

One question I get asked a lot about when people learn of my path is spells. It is normally the first question I get asked about, how do they work and how do you preform one? 752 more words

becomes the spell by David Seaman

becomes the spell

These are my eyes awake at midnight
smelling the muddy waters coursing down below
matters waxing sacred as put down to paper… 160 more words



Apathy would now be your best weapon,

But when your demons come I will let them,

Chance, enchants, entrance.

Emotions high,

Lady Luck won’t let you die, 8 more words

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