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In the wind we could hear the howls of tortured Spirits

The night dark from stormy clouds

Chilling Shadows moving about the forest

A pinch of poison herbs 3 drops venom of snake… 77 more words


A Good Week - Fighting Anxiety & Depression.

I promised myself I’d write a blog entry today, but I hate writing something that seems self-absorbed. I did start this blog for myself though, so here goes. 1,744 more words


Dakota Access Pipeline, etc

Merry meet!

I am sorry that I have not been around for the last couple of weeks. I am going through a fairly difficult time in my life (although I expect things will be looking up any day now). 141 more words

Fizz A Flip for Luonnotar the Water Mother

Today is the feast day of Luonnotar or Ilmatar the Finnish creator-goddess, who inspired the tone-poem by Sibelius.

 According to Finnish legend, in the beginning, there was only the Goddess Luonnotar. 363 more words


I learned something new today,  Black New Moons vs Blue Full Moons. Black Moon September 30th 2016

So I’ve known about Blue Moons since first learning about Witchcraft like 100 years ago lol, JK, I’m turning 43 this weekend, started reading Wicca books in my teens so you do the math :) 241 more words


A ritual is a set of gestures , words and formalities usually carried a symbolic value.

First you need to understand that magic is a way of life. 155 more words


Ask Jenna : Tea Time with the White Witch ~ Q & A Episode 3

So with all the weekly questions I get, I decided to sit down & hang out with you once a month over tea, so that i can finally address all the questions (or most or them,) that you guys bless me with. 20 more words