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Moon Magick

Moon Phase Magick Correspondence

The moon is a powerful tool for doing spell work. It’s believed that its different phases will help get better effects for specific spell work. 643 more words

Protection from Negative Spirits Satchet


a sliver of wood, a paint pen, one apache tear, one black tourmaline, one bloodstone, one mugglestone, cedar leaves, rose thorns, blessed thistle, solomon’s root, spring water, florida water. 126 more words


Italian Witchcraft Basics

First, a little about my path/how I got here (to reading Raven Grimassi with my cat while I’m supposed to be working from home =P): 1,182 more words


A Lesson in Magickal Theory

From my notes on Spellcasting Beyond the Basics by Michael Furie, Chapter 1: Know Your Magic:

Some notes I took on a book I’m reading to learn more about the different energies we project when we work magick: 457 more words


So Many Magickal Herbs, So Little Space!

Admittedly, I am an herb addict. (Get your mind out of the gutter!) My Witchy cupboard has always overflowed with exotic plants and spices, and I am nearly ashamed to admit how much money I have tied up in spell ingredients that I rarely use. 1,008 more words