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Herbal Infused Oil -- Blessing Spell

Welcome and Merry Meet!

Infused Oil Blessing Spell

In perfect love and In perfect trust,

Increase the healing Of this mix.

May it work and May it heal… 58 more words

A Rainbow Charm to Find an Unexpected 'Pot of Gold'

I gotta fess up:  I’m pretty darn sure I found the original version of this in one of those obnoxious “spells for every day of the year” type books.  235 more words

Personal Work

Play Day Magick (b) Stuffed Animal Magick

Picture from ?? When I brought up the website it did not show the picture.

Stuffed animals aren’t just cute and cuddly; they also provide a fun way to enjoy making more magick with our personal spirit animals and totems. 308 more words


AAWS Curriculum: Spellwork - Part One

At first glance the Spellwork Class is the most fundamental subject being taught at Alraun Academy and it certainly is one of them. Most people would probably assume that this is so because in their minds the knowledge and ability to cast Spells is fundamental to the Witch, Wizard, Sorcerer, Enchantress etc. 1,203 more words

AAWS Curriculum

Talking with Your Ancestors

I am blessed to work with to Archangel Sariel(a.k.a. Suriel), who helps people and other
living things that are stuck on this plain, for whatever reason, to accept their death and get… 621 more words

Daily Posts

Pet Protection Envelopes and Offerings to the Goddess and Gods of Avalon

With our up-coming trip to Glastonbury we decided to make a few offerings and spell pouches to take with us. These will be left about the town, normally in and around shops we like (with the owners permission of course) and local places of interest such as the Chalice Well and the White Spring. 306 more words

Life As A Witch