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Simple Spells For Children

At some point in time most children fear monsters in their closet or under their beds.  I was one of those children, and my great- granny put together an awesome little spell for me. 373 more words


Day 1 and 2 of Magical Talisman Challenge

Day 1 and 2 of Magical Talisman Challenge.

Day 1, a moving meditation with Ansuz,

I received goosebumps and the hairs standing up on my arms whilst doing this moving meditation. 92 more words


Mercury Retrograde Decoy Jars

Ah Mercury retrograde, the most demonized retrograde out of all of them. Don’t get me wrong, Mercury retrograde can mess with me, but usually I just trip over my words and I have to pretend that I am Steve Carell in Bruce Almighty when Bruce gets his revenge. 794 more words


Spelling Saturday -- Household Peace

You’ll notice that much of the Craftwork I do is centered around harmony, home and family (that’s pretty much what HearthKeepers are known for).  It was actually one of the primary functions I was requested to do when people came to procure services from me:  Harmony, Health, Love, and Wealth. 198 more words


Petitioning St. Expedite: When You Need Help Fast!

St. Expedite was one of the first saints I went to for help years ago.  He’s well known in the hoodoo and magickal communities, as well as in certain countries as a folk saint.  858 more words


Our Samhain, and a new kind of Spellwork

We ended up spending Samhain with friends, and took part in a small group ritual, which nearly got rained out.  It was still good to reconnect, though, and Baby was very entranced by the bonfire (though I took him inside as it started to rain).  324 more words