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PREPARING BONESThis process takes time so be patient for that and don’t try to rush it just let nature take it’s course with the bones… 508 more words


Black Moon Rite

For some the Black moon won’t be celebrated until the 30th October. I however prefer to celebrate the moon on it’s rising so for me the New moon was on the 30th September. 536 more words

Life As A Witch

Hire a Halloween Witch!!!!

Bright Blessings One and All !!!

Rev. Gary C. Herron, MM  aka “Sige’ ” -Shaman Witch , ,Wicca High Priest Tarot and Crystal Ball Reader, Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Spell Caster, Writer and Artist, 57 more words

Shaman Witch

"Karma" in Witchcraft

Those of you who are familiar with/practice witchcraft have most likely heard of the Wiccan belief of what they call “the Threefold Law.” Now most witches that are not a member of this religion don’t pay this much mind (myself included) however it begs the question: What might have started such a rule? 235 more words


To Dare: Ancestor Assisted October

It is marvelous, wonderful, fantastic and wholeheartedly welcomed October again, the best

month of the year. It is the end of the pagan calendar, the last harvest. 621 more words

To Dare

The Spell of Sonnet 18

I found this on Tumblr.

The last two Shakespeare spells I made were curses, so I decided to write something a little more positive. This is a glamour spell using Sonnet 18, so all the world can see your beauty. 226 more words


Magick Every Day of the Week: Saturday

Happy Saturday, Wnderfully Witchy people!

It’s the final installment of my every day magick cheat sheet! I hope you’ve found these to be helpful – I’ve been working with these correspondences for quite a while, and have found them helpful for me to turn to in my own work! 79 more words