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A spell before darkest night

This originally started as a Facebook post but in the light of day, it holds up for me enough to share on my blog. Of course, anyone who knows anything about the internet and social media would gladly inform me that I’m being silly, far more people are likely to see this on Facebook than will ever read it on my blog. 406 more words


Spellwork can drain ya!

So the other day, I was working magick for the new moon. Simple spellwork, nothing really huge, but with more power than what I thought. 217 more words

☽ Balance ☾

In just this past year of being a witch, I’ve come to learn that everything has balance. There’s light and dark to everything. Without the dark you wouldn’t have light, vise versa. 340 more words



Given that water is symbolic of movement and the ability to nurture it only stands to think that ice be given its own symbolic meaning as well… 483 more words


Super Full Moon Magick

During this night’s full moon, the eve of November 14th, the Moon will appear very large and bright . This is the closest the Moon will be near the Earth until November 25th 2034. 506 more words

Magick & Ritual

How to Get a Job Promotion Using a Spell

You’ve worked as hard as you can. You’ve networked with all the right people. And you’ve managed not to embarrass yourself in front of your boss, for like, a year now. 266 more words

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New Year Superstitions and A Spell For You

This is another post that I’m moving from my old blog.

First of all, I hope that each and every one of you found happiness in your holidays in however you chose to celebrate this season. 1,845 more words