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I wore a new cologne to class today. The cologne is advertised for men wishing to define their own masculinity, and part of the reason I purchased it due to the resonance in the statement. 58 more words


There have been times in my life where I’ve directly wondered if I’d been cursed by another witch. When bad luck seems to follow you everywhere, or you feel unreasonably down over nothing, or shit just doesn’t seem to be going your way recently, it’s not a far flung thought to come across. 1,229 more words


Moon Magick

Moon Phase Magick Correspondence

The moon is a powerful tool for doing spell work. It’s believed that its different phases will help get better effects for specific spell work. 643 more words

Protection from Negative Spirits Satchet


a sliver of wood, a paint pen, one apache tear, one black tourmaline, one bloodstone, one mugglestone, cedar leaves, rose thorns, blessed thistle, solomon’s root, spring water, florida water. 126 more words


Italian Witchcraft Basics

First, a little about my path/how I got here (to reading Raven Grimassi with my cat while I’m supposed to be working from home =P): 1,182 more words