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Fireflies in the Night

This is a technique that I use to raise a great deal of energy with the least amount of effort. It makes use of the flow of the body as a natural channeling mechanism, and exploits the fact that we are all energy producing batteries in our own rights with the capability of supercharging what we produce. 2,000 more words


The love spell

I have a super blessed life. (Don’t worry I will not say #blessed guys…WHOOPS.) But the one┬áthing I feel like I’m missing in my life is love from a significant other. 540 more words

The Craft of the Witches

At its most fundamental level, the universe and all things in it are a unified field of pure possibility. Another word to describe this endless night of potentiality is, simply, information. 2,058 more words


Reflective Magick - Return to Sender Spell

I’ve explained in a previous post that I’m not a love and light type of witch. I’m comfortable using darker magicks and willing to accept what this means should it come back on me. 360 more words

Life As A Witch

Spellwork: My Thoughts and Some Ideas

Hey babes! I know I’ve been inactive but you’ll just have to forgive me. I promise more content soon. Today I just kinda wanted to pour out my thoughts on spellwork, tradition, ritual, and just general witchy work. 519 more words


NEED trumps everything else!

One thing I get asked a lot is about magical correspondents and how they relate to coming up with a spell or some variation on that theme. 864 more words

Tips for Diving Into Your Book of Shadows

I don’t care if your Book of Shadows is a composition notebook or a beautiful leather-bound book it is an incredibly powerful tool in every craft and if you believe it is special I do too. 642 more words