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I thought you might enjoy this easy three minute spelt bread recipe. It is way tooo easy to not give it a go ……

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Afternoon Tea

revised overnight sourdough, and the trouble with no bubbles

If you don’t eat bread or are not a fan of cooking posts, you will want to find something else to read. Several of my readers are interested in this process, which is why I’m writing it; I’m not planning to become a food blog. 725 more words


...connections, the gifts we give to ourselves

I have been thinking about connections.  Specifically, connections with people, as well as whatever else sustains us in our lives. These are the true gifts we give to ourselves. 767 more words


Rye/Spelt bread


Being a bit of a carb addict, I struggle daily to keep my bread consumption to a minimum. I don’t want to eat wheat. Not that I am gluten intolerant but I know that the wheat we consume today is a far cry from the original grain from 50 years ago. 412 more words

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Spelt Bread

Spelt is a wonderful grain that used to be grown very widely in the UK and Europe. For some reason it went out of fashion a long while ago.  362 more words


Spelt, Fig and Walnut Bread.

So this is the first post on my blog… and what better way than to share my recipe for the YUMMIEST bread I’ve ever had! 178 more words

Spelt Bread

Spelt tastes wonderfully nutty and flavorsome and in recent years, it has experience a bit of a revival. This is not a surprise as spelt has a lot more nutrients than regular wholegrain. 326 more words