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Pecan Grits Porridge Bread

        I wanted to get a nice nutty flavor for this one without using whole nuts so I used ground pecans in the porridge.  I also wanted to combine the nutty flavor with the wonderful flavor of corn so grits were added to the porridge along with oats and  oat bran.  560 more words

Sour Dough Breads

Week 24: Belated Birthday Carrot Cake

This week’s cake was something special. For 23 weeks, my number one cooking inspiration, and biggest cheerleader behind the project has watched the Sweet Sweet Love cakes progress from afar without tasting a single slice of anything. 674 more words


Quick Rhubarb Cake Recipe

My mom brought me some rhubarb from her garden. I love rhubarb cakes, but I have never made one before. So I looked through some recipes and chose my favorite one made with yogurt and spelt flour.  85 more words


Egg Multi-grain Rolls II

     I made these last week  to eat with burgers and sandwiches.  It’s an updated version of a formula I made a while ago.

I changed the original formula by swapping out the rye flour with freshly ground spelt, used First Clear instead of Bread Flour and upped the water content.  450 more words

Sour Dough Breads

Introducing our Tuscan Retreats

The Telegraph

Authentic wellbeing STARTS from an achievement of peacefulness

Immerse yourself in beauty, healing & inspiration

Relaxation and Discovery
Magical walks through the jaw-dropping countryside and special destinations (waterfalls, caves, mountains – and so much more) 896 more words

Making Bread with Spelt Flour

Since my thyroid diagnoses I have been eating mostly a gluten-free diet. Gluten is a key disruptor of the immune system in some people. People suffering from the hypothyroid condition ‘hashimoto’s disease’ have an uncommonly high percentage of gluten sensitives among them. 810 more words


All-year-round healthier spiced spelt hot cross buns recipe!

I know, totally strange time to post hot cross buns but so good you’ll crave them any time of the year!  You see Easter came and went and there I was still thinking about making them!  893 more words