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Crunchy Little Chocolate Chip Cookies

RECIPE #254, DAY #365

ORIGINAL RECIPE: Umm… There is a source, but the cookbook is packed away and I can’t get to it for awhile. I’ll have to come back to it… 363 more words



This is based on a recipe I found online, but I replaced rye flour with white and spelt flour.

175ml water
5g dry yeast 100g white flour 100g spelt flour… 78 more words


Blueberry Tarts with Walnuts and Oats

And Pink Swirl Cupcakes

I’m a dessert person …… back of the menu first, always leave room for dessert person.  If I’m out or entertaining, it’s hang the calories, whatever looks best on the menu would be my choice, but at home I do try and include healthier options.   218 more words


On cravings, and pleasing breakfasts

Do you know the feeling of craving something and knowing exactly what it is? Even if you have never had that ‘something’ before? Well, it happened to me this weekend. 755 more words

Nuts And Seeds

lilac-iced rhubarb and tarragon cake

With all the spring lilacs, the city becomes quite nice. They line the boulevards and arch over the sidewalks, bushy-tailed with flowers. You see them a lot in the “older” neighbourhoods (well, for where I live anyways), where the houses look like they’ve been constructed in the 50s and 60s (i.e. 662 more words


Rhubarb Spelt Muffins

A lovely way to use fresh rhubarb. The muffin mixture seems quite dry but the rhubarb releases it’s juices during cooking and these muffins turn out to be surprisingly moist.  152 more words


Healthier sablés or palets bretons recipe (Brittany salted butter shortbread biscuits/cookies)

You can use plain white flour and sugar but the versions with spelt or buckwheat flour, sweetened with light brown sugar or panela (rapadura) unrefined whole cane sugar are also delicious.  239 more words