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Bulk NSA Phone Surveillance Exposed by Edward Snowden Ruled Illegal

The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled the mass collection of telephone metadata unlawful in a landmark decision that provides a foothold for a full legal challenge to the National Security Agency. 263 more words

Civil Liberties

Too Bad to be True

One nasty attribute of U.S. exceptionalism in this era of perpetual war is the endless exemptions America gives itself from the constraints of international law. 494 more words

War Culture

Washington Admits, ‘War On Terror’ Is Designed To Be Permanent State of War

 Senior officials with the Obama administration recently told the United States Senate that the War on Terror, including the renewed invasion of Iraq, premised on fighting the so-called Islamic State of ISIS, will continue for “at least” another decade or two, in their words. 1,093 more words