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Obama gives US intelligence greater access to warrantless data on foreigners - Jon Swaine and Spencer Ackerman in New York Thursday 12 January 2017 16.26 EST

CIA, FBI and other agencies will be able to access surveillance on foreigners abroad, including information identifying Americans they may be in contact with

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Edward Snowden not worried about Putin turning him over to Trump - Spencer Ackerman in New York Thursday 10 November 2016 18.32 EST

American national security whistleblower who has been stranded in Russia since 2013 says it would be ‘crazy to dismiss’ prospect of extradition to US

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Possibility of FBI leaks to Trump campaign raises alarm


Spencer Ackerman, national security editor for The Guardian, talks with Rachel Maddow about concerns about connections between the Donald Trump campaign and the FBI, particularly the New York field office, and the apparent willingness of some in the FBI to politicize the bureau to help Trump. Duration: 20:29


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Watching from the far sidelines, one now nearly starts to believe Trump. No, not everything he claims, states, raves, rants about. Just his accusation  “This election is rigged”. 666 more words