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Kemba Walker Is "Walker Charlotte Ranger" In All-Star Game Voting Promo

Kemba Walker better get #AllTheVotes for the 2017 NBA All-Star Game after this promo. The Charlotte Hornets went all-in for their star guard, hoping to boost his candidacy for All-Star status by filming a quick video short called “Walker Charlotte Ranger.” 98 more words


NBA Trades to Fix Struggling Teams (2/8)

Enough games have been played this NBA season to sense where teams stand relative to the rest of the NBA. Some NBA Teams have solidly established themselves as playoff contenders, whereas others have fallen outside of the playoff picture. 682 more words


Nick's Notes: The Cavs Are Boring, Kyrie Is Different & His Backups

The Cavs are boring. Like San Antonio boring.

After 2 seasons of questions, drama & a circus like atmosphere surrounded the team, they seemed to have settled down thanks to their championship run. 546 more words


Spencer Hawes is Absolutely Electric on the Fastbreak

I was subjected to a season of Spencer Hawes a couple years ago when he was on the Clippers. It was not an enjoyable experience. I haven’t seen much of Hawes since then (personal goal to avoid his games), but it looks like he’s the same stiff I remember. 45 more words


Spencer Hawes Had A Wide Open Dunk But Spectacularly Blew It


Spencer Hawes is 7-foot-1 and plays professional basketball. There is an expectation that he can dunk a basketball under most circumstances, and that expectation is elevated when he’s wide open under the hoop and there is no one within like five feet of him. 189 more words


Spencer Hawes is wearing a ‘Hillary for Prison’ shirt in his Twitter avi

It won’t be any secret as to who Hornets center Spencer Hawes voted for this election.

Hawes spoke to the media on Monday wearing a T-shirt that said “Hillary for Prison.” The shirt was hanging in his locker at first. 118 more words