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#537 I Could Have Gamed All Night

I, or rather, my brother built my tower and now all the drivers and crucial non-gaming programs have been downloaded and installed. For the past few days I have done nothing but replay PC games in my spare time. 301 more words

#535 The Baby's Finally Here

The day has arrived, after five months of saving my Tax refund and penny pinching from my paychecks,  the creation of my new gaming P.C has finally happened. 475 more words

#534 Nintendo Marketing Fun

This year’s E3 is just around the corner and that means all the major videogame companies are busy working away, trying their best to make their big gaming presentation and announcement grabs the most attention by the journalists, people attending and those millions tuning in at home or at work. 422 more words

#533 Spare an Extra Buck for Extra Life? 2015

Just like last year, this blog post is going to be a little bit different. Instead of a post that talks about my adventures in a recent video game or my opinions on a recent game story I would instead like to announce my continued participation with the Extra Life Charity organization. 412 more words

#532 Waiting for my PC

If you have tuned into any of my past streams you might have noticed I have made comments on the graphical status of my gameplay feed. 470 more words

#531 Excited but Concerned about Splatoon

In a rare treat, I was able to tune a live broadcast of the North American Nintendo Direct and watched an half hour stream special about Nintendo’s newest exclusive shooting game, Splatoon. 665 more words

#529 Games from my Backlog for the month of May 2015

It is the first blog post of the month of May and that means it is time hop back on the bandwagon and get to work on my gaming backlog. 496 more words