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#500 Thank You PAX East #Thankacreator

Boogie2988 recently created the #Thankacreator hashtag, and in his video he explained that the purpose of the Hashtag was to use the Internet to spread a little bit of positivity around the net by personally thanking your favorite entertainer and content creator. 530 more words

#499 The return of the 3DS Time Capsule

I have recently run into a bit of a conundrum, I have currently run out of 3DS games to play. I gave up on Bravely Default game, after much self hype ( 426 more words

#498 Tips for PAX East 2015 from 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen we are now a fortnight away from the people behind Penny Arcade’s PAX East opening their doors and starting the biggest videogame convention that the East Coast has the pleasure of hosting. 946 more words

#496 Here's to the Good Old Mindless Games

If you have been following the New England’s weather patterns you would have noticed that we New Englanders got nailed by another extremely cold and snowy blizzard, with the promise of even MORE snow coming later this week and weekend. 526 more words

#494 Evolve's Monstrous DLC problem

Evolve, the newest AAA game just hit the shelves, and from the marketing and gameplay it looks like Evolve might be the biggest game of 2015, in terms of new IP. 579 more words

#492 Games from my Backlog for the month of February 2015

Here we are again, a twelfth of the new year is gone, and I am still here working my way through my gaming backlog. Even though I have not updated the sidebar last month I am still on my personal journey to play through every title on my backlog by dedicating a few games to play each month. 586 more words

#489 Another PAX East 2015 Post

We are now little more than a month away from Boston hosting the next Penny Arcade convention. Soon Boston will be runneth over from nerds and geeks from all walks of life  Card game geeks, board games, to videogames, lets players and streamers to cosplayers and all around general nerds will converge  for a 3 day extravaganza. 273 more words