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The Right Side by Spencer Quinn

The Right Side

by Spencer Quinn
eARC, 336 pg.
Atria Books, 2017

Read: May 11 – 12, 2017

Okay, since I first opened the pages of Dog On It 8 years ago, I’ve been a Spencer Quinn fan — it probably took me two chapters to consider myself one. 777 more words


Paw and Order - book review

I’m working my way through the Chet and Bernie series.  Here’s my review of the 7th in the series – Paw and Order.

This story finds Chet and Bernie in Washington, DC – where Bernie seeks out his on-again/off-again girlfriend Suzie Sanchez, who is now based there in her work as a journalist. 141 more words

Dog Books

Oddly-Specific Genres: It's Raining Cats and Dogs!

There’s a mystery sub-genre for all occasions and tastes. Literally. You want to read a mystery with food in it? There’s an entire sub-genre devoted to it. 1,165 more words

Reading Suggestions

The Great Purge: The Deformation of the Conservative Movement

Where Conservatism Went Wrong:
A Review of The Great Purge: The Deformation of the Conservative Movement

Spencer Quinn

2,310 words

Paul E. Gottfried & Richard B. 2,331 more words


Dog On It

Written by Spencer Quinn

Chet is one of my all-time favorite protagonists.  And Bernie’s not too shabby either.  Even if he sometimes takes a while to catch up to Bernie, he’s still the smartest human in the room! 156 more words


Spencer Quinn: My Top Three Non-Alt Right Books

My Top Three Non-Alt Right Books

Spencer Quinn

2,480 words

Sharing books, in my opinion, does more than almost anything to keep cultures vibrant. Thanks in part to the ascendancy of Donald Trump, we on the Alt Right are at present experiencing an uptick of culture which is both exciting and a bit daunting. 2,453 more words


Reframing White Nationalism: A Perspective In Relief

Reframing White Nationalism

Spencer Quinn

3,120 words

What do we want? A white ethnostate. Much has been written about this elusive state, and I am sure there is much controversy and difference of opinion about it, so I won’t attempt to define it here. 3,121 more words