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We Day Vancouver

October was a busy month for us. We got back from We Day Toronto and were behind in our coursework from school. Then I got sick. 401 more words

We Day Toronto

In May of 2014, I was amazed to learn that I was a finalist for the Canadian Living Me to We Awards. I was even more surprised to discover in June that I’d won the Youth In Action category!! 793 more words


When Do You Stop Counting?

Yesterday I attended my first We Day with Caitie and Dan in Toronto. This was Caitie’s 4th We Day and Dan’s 3rd so I’d heard about how amazing this event was for years. 510 more words


Demi Lovato's Tour Opener is a Motivational Speaker

Demi Lovato is taking a different approach to her upcoming world tour.  Instead of adding labelmates and friends to the opening lineup of each show, she hired Spencer West, a motivational speaker. 120 more words



Hello everyone, this is a very special edition of music Monday. This is because on Friday I went to the DEMI WORLD TOUR CONCERT and it was AMAZING. 619 more words


Standing Tall Against All Odds.

At 5,985 meters high, Mount Kilimanjaro is the world’s highest free-standing mountain above sea level. For many able-bodied people, climbing Kilimanjaro can seem unimaginable. Spencer West conquered this feat while walking on his hands. 341 more words

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