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Chapter 09 - They will come back

Bruce, sat down on the floor, is making enthusiastic plans while Spencer, sitting on a chair, listens smiling kindly; he already knows when, where and how things are going to be, but he sees no need to say it, Bruce’s ideas are nice whatsoever and Lynnette seems interested. 994 more words


Slice of (Shopping) Life

Heading into last week my 5 year old had torn his last pair of pants.  It was the last pair that didn’t have holes in the knees so I thought we still had some time with them.   231 more words

Slice Of Life 2018

A Bold Slap to the Face of Reality

With a freshly minted Bachelor’s Degree in tow and a tidal wave of new challenges ahead of me, I start this blog an exercise in catharsis. 132 more words

Foreign Policy

Chapter 08 - Music is love


On daylight, after a good tea and something nice to eat, Bruce sees things in a very different way. He realises he was too drunk and got annoyed for nothing. 1,557 more words


Also Comes in Handy as a Weapon

This morning Mary and I went with Lucy to get her scan. She had to drink a large quantity of a barium “milkshake” and then wait for 45 minutes. 340 more words

Cemeteries - Burials Within Churches

As an avid genealogist, I have spent a lot of time in cemeteries. There is something very peaceful about them, and whenever I am in one, I feel particularly close to my ancestors. 867 more words

52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks

Chapter 07 - A talk & a drink

After some beers in Lynnette’s bungalow, everybody is friends with everybody. Now that alcohol is making Spencer talkative, his cockney accent becomes notorious. But Bruce is still annoyed by the fact he lost, and finding a better lantern lost in a shelf doesn’t make him feel any better. 251 more words