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Summer 2018 Alt Right Assessment

Things looking grim, as usual.

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This is a situation in which both sides are wrong.  Legally and morally, the judge (Is he a wop or hunkie – perhaps Richie and Kev want to chime in about that?) is in the wrong. 1,156 more words

SLC News, 7/14/18

More stupidity.

Antifa Jeff rides again. Sessions bestirs himself to action.

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The federal government has quietly revived its investigation into the murder of Emmett Till, the 14-year-old African-American boy whose abduction and killing remains, almost 63 years later, among the starkest and most searing examples of racial violence in the South.

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Bulletin 838, July 15, 2018

Update – Kimberly Johnson, Spencer Nelson wed

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Ep121: Hangin with Spence

Spence joins us to talk about their great road trip and Vegas fun.  14 more words


Slice of (Birthday) Life

My son has a summer birthday.  That makes it hard to have a birthday party.  How do we get invitations out to friends if not pass them out at lunch time, right? 282 more words

Slice Of Life 2018

"My dear old platoon"

We last saw Sydney marching back from the trenches through the night.

Wednesday 10 July 1918

We were marching still when Wednesday came in. Arrived at our first long resting place between W & V at about 3 am. 127 more words

News From The Front: The Grim Reality Of War

Comments on Comments: It's Der Alt Right

When the comments section is better than the original article.

Original article.

Comments and my riposte.

This is a sad truth we need to face. I cannot recall any revolutionary movement of any consequence, no matter how radical and underground, that did not have the backing of moneyed people.

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