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Bud Spencer Atentie La Pana De Vulture Online Game

Bud spencer atentie la pana de vulture online game

begins-1985-filme-online.html Surviving the Game bud spencer //filmehd/nati-con-la-camicia-contra Atentie la pana de vultur Bud Spencer A fost o bataie mai de genul lui Bud Spencer. 288 more words

Bud Spencer Atentie La Pana De Vulture Online Games

Bud spencer atentie la pana de vulture online games

Actiune,Comedie Kid (Terence Hill) si Ben (Bud Spencer) sunt castigatorii unei curse de masini cu Insa pana sa se hotarasca cine va fi Atentie,nu ne John Spencer Ellis. 171 more words

On the Origin of Memes

Have you ever been bored out of your mind sitting in from of a computer, trying to be productive? While doing that, have you ever searched up things along the lines of: Memes, colourized memes, GIF memes, and etc? 340 more words


I Should Have Stayed in Bed

If yesterday was a “down” day, today was downer. I almost felt as if my body was trying to get sick. I had a very emotionally exhausting morning due to some drama that popped up unexpectedly. 159 more words

Trump, Russia, and the Virginia Protest

The usual stupidities.

The whole fabricated (I think) Russia scandal is yet more evidence of Trump’s omega male ineptness.  Assuming for a moment that there is no real “meat” behind this “scandal” then how did it come into existence?   400 more words


The Robert Spencers of Canajoharie and Stamford, Upper Canada

Happy May!  The past few weeks have been really busy, and it seems like forever since I’ve had a chance to sit down and write. However, I’m seizing the day, and taking this opportunity to share a little bit more about my Canadian Loyalist ancestor, Robert Spencer (Sr.). 1,837 more words


The end of Pretty Little Liars!

The end of Season 7 is a complete let down, with only 6 episodes left I still have 400 questions I still want answering. Some of them being Who is A.D? 110 more words