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Austerity or Austerity

Often on talk shows and panel shows such as BBC Question Time, we often here the same old exchange, that of members of the public chastising a Conservative MP about spending cuts and other austerity measures, and the MP coming back with a wonderfully rehearsed response explaining that cuts are required to balance the books, strengthen the economy and so on. 740 more words


UK could face tax rises as a result of Chancellor's 'inflexible' budget target, warns IFS

Chancellor George Osborne’s budget targets could require him to raise taxes or make additional spending cuts, according to data contained within the Institute for Fiscal Studies’ (IFS) Green Budget document. 146 more words

20 Tricks to Retiring Rich

When you envision your retirement, what do you see yourself doing: Traveling to faraway places? Indulging in hobbies you didn’t have time to enjoy while you were working? 2,059 more words

Gov. Malloy To Reveal Revised Budget On Opening Of Session

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is unveiling his proposed changes to the two-year state budget enacted last year, promising to cut spending. 127 more words


Australian Politics - A Labor Party Tax Brawl, Where No One Mentions Cutting Spending Instead

By Andrew Bolt ~

It is the kind of brawl that sums up the depths to which modern Labor has sunk. On one side is a Labor leader who thinks we should hike taxes even higher to pay for Labor’s wild promises; on the other is a Labor leader who thinks Labor’s wild promises don’t actually need to be paid for: 398 more words

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5 Tips for Better Spending Habits

While 2016 is in full swing, if you haven’t thought about a resolution yet, don’t give up. Maybe it’s time to make one that has the potential to stick. 778 more words

Mr President: Yes We Can Cut Our Way to Prosperity - That's Exactly What President Clinton Did

‘we can’t just cut our way to prosperity’… President Obama State of the Union Address Feb. 12, 2013Mr. President: After two years in office, President Clinton battled with, then eventually reached a compromise with, Newt Gingrich under the Contract with America. 687 more words