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Labour’s 2015 General Election Manifesto Starts With A Lie, And Then Gets Worse

By Samuel Hooper, follow him on Twitter @SamHooper

Much has been made of the fact that the Labour Party’s 2015 general election manifesto begins with a so-called “ 1,409 more words


Braid: Behind the PCs blunderbuss blast at Wildrose

On Friday the Alberta PCs wheeled out an artillery battery to kill a gnat that was supposed to be dead already. It was a sure sign that their campaign has veered into serious trouble. 620 more words

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Should We Raise Taxes or Cut Spending?

Tax Day is a good time to remind ourselves about our perilous fiscal situation.  With a public debt (on which we pay interest) of $13 trillion and with annual deficits of just under $500 billion adding to the debt each year, we have a huge problem which is not being adequately addressed by Congress.  253 more words

Jack Heidel

"The GOP Primary Is Where Ideas Go To Die": You Can’t Be A Smart Candidate In A Party That Wants To Be Stupid

So now we have us some candidates, on the Republican side. Who’s the big kahuna? Jeb Bush? He keeps getting called front-runner, and I suppose he is, even though the polls sometimes say otherwise. 973 more words

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"There’s Plenty Of Money, Really": Congressional Republicans Continue To Make Believe That Spending Cuts Are Good For Everyone

Don’t think for a second that congressional Republicans sincerely believe draconian cuts in federal spending stimulate the economy.

I know. They uniformly claim that spending cuts spark growth. 855 more words


The manifestos will leave a trail of empty promises, lies and unanswered questons

The public could be in for a shock in the aftermath of the election. Whoever wins is going to have to face the cold hard facts that Britain is still in a very fragile and dangerous place. 1,304 more words


Editorial: The Couillard government is on right track

One year ago, Quebecers woke up to a drastically changed political landscape.

As the ballots were counted from the previous day’s election, out went the Parti Québécois and the uncertainty it sowed over sovereignty and its ill-conceived attempt to legislate Quebec values. 510 more words

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