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"Why The House Republican Budget Plan Matters": Predicated On The Assumption That Low-Income Families Have It Too Easy

“A budget is a moral document,” Rep. Rob Woodall (R-Ga.) said two weeks ago. “It talks about where your values are.”

Those comments from a conservative member of the House Budget Committee happen to be entirely accurate. 653 more words


Braid: Budget predictions include income tax hike

The following are educated (I hope) predictions about what’s in Thursday’s budget. If they don’t work out, please contact me at my new post in Siberia. 575 more words

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Braid: Spending cuts vanish from premier's speech; now it's "holding the line"

Premier Jim Prentice’s televised speech to the province is a dance of the veils meant to keep eyeballs popping as budget day nears. The reported $10,000 bill for this seven-page marvel is certainly fair, if you happen to like mystery writing. 682 more words

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"The Right’s Word-Deed Problem": Republicans Rely On All Sorts Of Magic Tricks That Shove Choices And Problems Down The Road

Briefly, there seemed a chance we might have a cross-party discussion of the biggest economic problem the country faces: the vexing intersection of wage stagnation, declining social mobility and rising inequality. 731 more words


Next time, they'll cut to the bone

Analysis shows that in the next three years the Tories are planning cuts to public services which are deeper than any year of the last parliament; and in the next three years cuts to public services will be almost twice the level of the last three years. 88 more words


The GOP's 'magic asterisk': Tale of a fiscal con job

If you’re like me, your eyes glaze over when talk turns to the U.S. budget. So, when the GOP’s House and Senate budgets hit the newsstands last week, I just moved on. 484 more words


"Another Math Problem For The 2016 Hopeful": Bobby Jindal's Budget Doesn't Fund Presidential Primary

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is learning the hard way that presidential primaries aren’t free. As of now, his state hasn’t budgeted for one.

To fill a $1.6 billion budget shortfall, Jindal proposed hundred of millions in spending cuts in a budget plan earlier this month, slashing the budgets of several offices. 293 more words

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