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Free-Market Think Tanks Should Pitch Trump Their Best Ideas

By Deroy Murdock – Re-Blogged From National Review

Conservatives can help him craft an innovative reform agenda. Free-marketeers who are in tears about Donald J. Trump’s pending presidential nomination should heed the wisdom of the Beatles: “Take a sad song and make it better.” 705 more words

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UK economic growth experiencing slowdown

The forthcoming EU referendum may be having an adverse effect on UK economic growth, a new survey suggests.

Financial data firm Markit’s Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) survey revealed that economic growth during April totalled just 0.1%. 136 more words

John Kasich's Tax Plan: 2008 Was Great!

Last week I wrote about Donald Trump’s dumbfounding decision, as the Republican frontrunner, to advocate for increasing taxes on the wealthy.  I left for today commentary on the amazing… 875 more words

Moody's Warning: Australia's AAA credit at risk unless Turnbull government raises taxes

By James Massola
Chief political reporter
Sydney Morning Herald

The Turnbull government must raise taxes as well as cut spending to reduce the budget deficit, or it will risk losing its AAA credit rating. 1,164 more words

"Republicans Are Plotting Economic Disaster For 2016: The American People Will Be The Collateral Damage

Since George W. Bush’s presidency, Republican economic ideas have become drastically more conservative. Instead of massive tax cuts for the rich coupled with a general tolerance of the rest of government (or even… 731 more words


Springclean your finances

This was a headline this morning and as always with these Expert Advice articles, raised a chuckle on a somewhat dreary day outside as most of it is common sense. 927 more words

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