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Hundreds attend Nottingham anti-austerity meeting

More than 900 people gathered in Nottingham to protest against government spending cuts and listen to authors and activists including Owen Jones. 395 more words


My Vintage Video: The Capital Gang, February 20, 1993: The Clinton Deficit Reduction Plan

This whole show was about the 1993 Deficit Reduction Act. That was offered by President Bill Clinton, which was his first major economic bill as President. 130 more words


The successes and failures of the Coalition Government

Successes of the Coalition


The clearest and most important success of the Coalition government has been stability. If we consider the dire state of the UK economy in 2010, and the fragile and unstable state of the global economy, this country needed a functional government. 3,122 more words


Labour’s 2015 General Election Manifesto Starts With A Lie, And Then Gets Worse

By Samuel Hooper, follow him on Twitter @SamHooper

Much has been made of the fact that the Labour Party’s 2015 general election manifesto begins with a so-called “ 1,409 more words


Braid: Behind the PCs blunderbuss blast at Wildrose

On Friday the Alberta PCs wheeled out an artillery battery to kill a gnat that was supposed to be dead already. It was a sure sign that their campaign has veered into serious trouble. 620 more words

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Should We Raise Taxes or Cut Spending?

Tax Day is a good time to remind ourselves about our perilous fiscal situation.  With a public debt (on which we pay interest) of $13 trillion and with annual deficits of just under $500 billion adding to the debt each year, we have a huge problem which is not being adequately addressed by Congress.  253 more words

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"The GOP Primary Is Where Ideas Go To Die": You Can’t Be A Smart Candidate In A Party That Wants To Be Stupid

So now we have us some candidates, on the Republican side. Who’s the big kahuna? Jeb Bush? He keeps getting called front-runner, and I suppose he is, even though the polls sometimes say otherwise. 973 more words

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