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My List of Needs

After writing my post on becoming debt free, I basically relapsed because I didn’t take the time to write down what I needed to do or even examine how I was spending the money. 432 more words


Getting Into the Details: Resolution #2

2. Pay off debt.

I don’t intend this to be a blog about frugality or being debt-free. Don’t get me wrong, this topic is something I could spend forever on, but it’s really not what I want to focus on. 717 more words

15 Goals For 2015

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Happy New Year!

I have always been into New Years Resolutions. “This is the year”, I tell myself. There are lots of lists made and ideas drawn out and I get really excited. 919 more words


Shaving Cents

My resolve to spend less is starting to work, as evidenced by my most recent trip to Target. After futile attempts to get the most mileage out of products, I inevitably run out of all of my most expensive toiletries at once. 152 more words

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Ending the Spending Fast

The one thing this month that has kept me from irrationally and impulsively spending money has been my job. I’m very, very busy. I’m learning a lot about accounting and business management. 1,156 more words


Monday Morning Goals: September Spending Fast

Setting goals for myself is nothing new, but holding myself accountable for them is. To that point, I’ve been working hard to pay off 100% of my student loans from my BFA and the credit card debt that I racked up while unemployed last year. 1,040 more words


Money, it's a Gas

The goals I set for myself are usually a tad aggressive, so I catapult myself into a shame spiral when I inevitably fall short of achieving them. 364 more words

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