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National Retirement Security Week: No Plans At Work

BOSTON (CBS) – Listeners have told me they’re not worried about retirement savings because they’ll have their Social Security benefit, but Social Security was never intended to be your only source of income in retirement! 324 more words

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Is it Better to Spend Less or Save More?

If you are trying to get ahead financially, you will need to consider spending less or earning more. But which one is best?

Let’s start with spending less. 787 more words


Sneaky Supermarket Tricks of the Trade

Supermarkets have been around for a very long time and you don’t get to be that old without being wise. They spend billions on learning how customers think and feel when they’re shopping. 454 more words


National Retirement Security Week: Are You Saving Enough?

BOSTON (CBS) – Probably not!

According to a report released by Fidelity, which represents over 15 million U.S. workers, the average 401(k) balance at Fidelity… 342 more words

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'Sex and the City' writer tries to convince everyone that Carrie's spending habits weren't batsh*t crazy

Carrie Bradshaw’s spending habits on Sex and the City were notoriously questionable. Despite the fact that her weekly newspaper column was her only source of income, Carrie ate out almost exclusively (she used her oven for clothing storage) and constantly purchased new designer shoes. 471 more words


My spending log - trying to save money

Christmas is quickly approaching which means I have a lot of shopping to do which I means I’m going to need money.

I am trying so hard right now to not spend money on random stuff I don’t need and eating out all the time so I’m making cuts. 510 more words

Making Frugality Fun

I’ve always been a frugal person and I consider myself a disciplined person. But sometimes I read personal finance blogs and it all seems like….a drag. 887 more words

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