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Everything I need to know about Christmas I learned from Charlie Brown

Yep. We’re about to get in on some Peanuts action. We have a sweet little tradition at Christmas time, called Movie Mondays, which involve us as a family, watching a Christmas movie every Monday night at 8:00. 737 more words


Spending Was At An All Time Low For Black Friday This Year And Corporations Lost Billions

For years, Black Friday brawls and rampant materialism on the day after Thanksgiving have become a sort of twisted American celebration. However, each year the excitement continues to die down as people reject the  270 more words

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PHDinMe-Money Monday


It may not be what you want to hear but I gotta tell you what you need to know:

It’s amazing how this works but it is true and for those saying one can just hire themselves out for free, think again: 43 more words

The Reality of What Credit Counseling Really Is

I’m often asked exactly what we do when people come in for credit counseling.  Unfortunately, few enough people have been to a credit counselor that it is a very legitimate question.  918 more words

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How to Design a Luxury Bathroom Without Spending a Fortune

Shower Head
BEFORE & AFTER: This Vintage-Inspired Master Bathroom Is An Instant-Classic!
10 Favorites: Exotic Wood in the Bath Fantastic Showers Bien choisir son équipement de salle de bain… 24 more words

Hearty Meals on a Budget

Lately, we have really been focused on planning out our meals for the week and shopping only for things we need.  We are certainly starting to feel the financial strain of having a baby, and with daycare and diapers it’s hard to afford anything extra. 138 more words

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Buy, Buy, Baby, Buy, Buy!

Why is everyone online? I thought it was Cyber Monk Day. (P.S. I painted a selfie.) Many have overspent already. Therefore, I humbly propose a new day to follow Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Destitute Tuesday (note that lettering for this day is always in the red) Also, for my American friends, the date upon which […] 6 more words