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How to Apply Marginal Thinking to Financial Independence and Frugality

Maybe in 2018 I took my eye off our financial ball.  Maybe I thought I had got the hang of being frugal, I was complacent and we ended up with a higher spending year than our budget allowed.  559 more words


The information banks keep about you and your spending and how it's used

Remember the last time you opened a bank account or applied for a credit card?

You probably gathered up your paperwork and handed over your name, address and payslips, hoping to be approved. 1,344 more words


Money always seems to be in short supply. There are many things that we have to buy. The best way to buy more stuff is to make more money, or is it? 165 more words


Don't get mad, get busy*

*Actually, get mad too. It’s fun.

Fierce Girls, I wrote a different post for you last week. But before I had time to post it, the election happened. 684 more words


On Practicing Mindful Spending

“Do you pray about the money you spend?”

You may not be a praying person at all, but this question is still relevant.

Admittedly, I… 499 more words


Which Would You Rather Have?

Sometimes it might seem like your parents have a lot of money, and they can buy anything they want! But they only have a limited amount. 121 more words


Saving the Student- My Year of Balling on a Budget Part 2

Banner by Aminetou DaCosta Dah

If you haven’t read Part 1 of My Story of a Budget Balling Adventure, check that out first before continuing. 1,593 more words