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How To Do Everything You Do In 24 Hours Everyday In Just 10 Hours!

Your current 24 hour schedule can easily be squeezed into a 10 hour schedule leaving you 14 hours for yourself.

What that means is that all you current are doing in your 24 hour time allocation for each day can be finished in just 10 hours! 643 more words

Record-breaking month for spend by overseas visitors to UK in August

Overseas visitors to the UK spent £2.8b in August, up 3% year on year and the highest monthly figures on record, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics. 198 more words


spending spree

thrown into the air

and circle as if you never seem to care

and yet as its own touch

and taste

as its own fruit… 48 more words


Thrift chairs

Thanksgiving is coming up and it’s going to be at my house. I realized that I need some kitchen chairs, sturdy ones. I have chairs, but 2 are wobbly and I need a couple more. 26 more words


Five cheapest pints in central London

It’s a situation any ‘hotshot’ London graduate knows all too well.

You’ve made your peace with living in a city where rent is roughly half the monthly salary of even the most soulless, three-piece suit, City grad job. 361 more words


4 Ways to Snag Some Extra Spending Money

Everyone always talks about living as a “broke college student,” myself included. I didn’t know the meaning of being a broke college student until I became an even more broke graduate student. 595 more words


To Buy or Not to Buy?

This time of year I tend to get a little out of control with my spending. I wish I could say it was simply because of all the millions of gifts I get for people. 253 more words