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The Young Professional’s Dilemma: What to do with all the money?

An Observation on Conspicuous Consumption

“Spend me! Spend me! Spend me!”

I have already discussed the topic of what college major to take. Assuming you have your shiny new engineering degree in hand, and a good job lined up for yourself school, there is a big question that is presently on my mind: what to do with all the bloody money? 586 more words

Here’s the second clue:

The sentence before the haiku is:

General Interest

DBT Skills: Bridge Burning

Last week in DBT class we talked about Bridge Burning. In DBT, this means removing the “bridge” between the impulse and the harmful behaviour. For many of us, we have a direct and open line from our impulse to engage in a behaviour and acting on this behaviour (as pictured below). 316 more words

Self Harm

This is how much the average person will spend on graduation gifts this year

Graduation celebrations are in full swing across the country, and this year people are expected to spend more on graduates than ever before.

Americans are expected to spend $4.77 billion on electronics, gift cards, clothes and cards full of cash for graduates this year – an all-time high in the 10 years the National Retail Foundation has done its annual  81 more words


Tax-and-spend feeding frenzy overwhelming Sacramento

When it comes to California’s roller-coaster finances, Gov. Jerry Brown has bent lawmakers and voters to his will, rejecting new spending programs, passing a temporary tax hike and strengthening the state’s rainy-day fund. 172 more words

Sacramento Update

My Money Philosophy

Pondering important thoughts

I live my life according to a very specific set of values and ethics. Combined together, you could call it a life philosophy. 782 more words


What you didn't know about student spending

Students may have a limited budget to work with, but they seem to be spending more money than they have in the bank.

Student Village and Amoeba Insights partnered to research the spending behaviour of students aged between 17 and 25. 653 more words