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Your wedding can be beautiful on a smaller budget

Planning a wedding can be equal parts maddening and intoxicating. The possibilities are endless – and gorgeous, when you start looking at décor and dresses and flowers … 605 more words

First, Do Harm

With 120 million households, spending averages $46k, regulations $13k, tax system $6k and excessive legal costs $5k, totaling about $68k. The median (half below, half above) is probably closer to $45k because of lower tax brackets, less complex returns, mandates, regulatory and legal burdens, but it’s no wonder income is so stagnant and why we borrow so much, government and private. 242 more words


Additional Points

  1. $950 billion annual interest cost at 5% average rates, $11k per household. (with optimistic 80 mil. households)
    BEA’s 2015 deficit estimate- $782 billion (table 3.1). OMB- $438 billion (table 1.1)
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$2 Trillion Wasted Annually

For 2015, there was $5.6 trillion of total government spending (OMB historical table 14.2) and around $3 trillion for regulations and other indirect costs (referenced below), totaling $8.6 trillion of government created costs. 1,132 more words


Congressman Hunter Under DOJ Probe

March 23, 2017 (San Diego) Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter, who represents the 50th district is under Department of Justice investigation. This stems from the Office of Congressional Ethics report issued over his campaign spending. 272 more words

"The Robot will see you now..."

Currently in China, robots have taken over the jobs of workers such as those in food and clothing manufacturing. With the ageing population and immense pressure on healthcare services, researchers are looking towards robots  167 more words


Opinion: Westmoreland talks about Trump's budget and his own future

As a member of Congress, Lynn Westmoreland was never known for being shy. It appears leaving Washington has not changed that.

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