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30 Day BPD Challenge - Day 10

Day 10 – What kind of impulsive decisions have you made?

Oh wow! This is a big question! I have impulse decisions every day, varying from impulse buying – impulsive actions when I am angry and upset. 129 more words

Mental Health

Tis the season to Consider.......

Dear Readers,

A few words to ponder during the season of spending, giving and receiving .

Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.-Oscar Wilde

What do you Value?

Random Thoughts

This Will Cause Us To Be Poorer Each Day

(Source: www.areyouready.sg)


What makes a person poorer each day? Is it his daily expenditure? His compulsive spending habits? His indulgence on food? You may be surprised that getting poorer is not so easy. 922 more words

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Food budget Friday, Dec 9: Visiting with friends edition

I’m so grateful to have nice friends it is a huge blessing. I really value the people in my life and am so happy when I get to spend time with them : ) 254 more words


Day 69 - All you need is less

This summer I went on a crazy little travel adventure through Europe for two conference crammed in ten days. Somewhere along the way I lost my wallet. 606 more words

December 2016

Confessions of a shopaholic

I have previously stated that budgeting is my life, and I am very proud of my ability to manage my money effectively, saving as much as possible for important spends. 755 more words