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Two Extra Paychecks

If you work a job where you get paid every other week, there are two months out of the year where you get three paychecks. 48 more words

My Adventures in Savings

I have a bad habit of spending money. It’s as if I’m allergic to having money. Ever since I was a little girl, I would spend every last dime I had and then some. 291 more words


Free Falling

Free falling. This is how bad financial decisions leave you feeling. Completely out of control, knowing you’re plummeting to the ground and when you land, you’ll hit hard and may not survive. 934 more words

Personal Finance

Fasting & Purging: 4 Months of Cutting Back on Spending & Clutter

For many months, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about clutter (mental and physical “clutter,” but today’s post is about the latter).

Specifically, how I have too much of it and that it’s suffocating me. 843 more words

Greeting Card Change Up

Have you seen the prices on greeting cards lately? What’s the use of buying an inexpensive gift when the card alone can run $5? There are alternatives to expensive greeting cards, but you’ll have to look around. 185 more words

No Spending September is OVER

Finally! It’s over! My month of no spending is finally over and I have a few confessions to make…

As a whole, I did really well at not spending on anything unnecessary. 300 more words


Kenya: Understanding 'Female Spending Power' in Business

By Millicent Mwololo originally posted on Daily Nation

In Kenya and globally, women are increasingly becoming key decision-makers in major one-off family purchases (such as cars, homes, property). 647 more words