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OPINION: An Omnibus is not a Budget bill!! Get your butt back on the Trump Train, and #MAGA!

The last 48 hours (or longer) has been a trying time for most die-hard Trump supporters, no doubt.  When we all started learning drip by drip what was in the pork-filled Omnibus, it was as if our stomachs were suddenly filled with lead.  1,012 more words

Political Covfefe

Omnibursting with Spending

Weekly Wastebasket | March 23, 2018

Around 8 PM Wednesday night, a 2,242 page behemoth omnibus spending bill appeared on the House of Representatives Document Repository web site. 362 more words

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What do we know about the Omnibus spending bill?


By Stefan M. Kløvning

Washington, Politics – The Omnibus spending bill is a 2,232 pages long bill concerning the spending of about $1.3 trillion signed by President Donald J. 975 more words


The week’s 4 most important political stories, explained

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Snow briefly shut the nation’s capital down this week, but that didn’t stop it from being an incredibly eventful week on a wide range of policy fronts. 980 more words


Don't Go into a Room of Investors Without Mastering These 3 Stories

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In my last column, I outlined the reasons my investor pitch deck only has these eight slides. But to build a rock-solid case for your business, that’s just your opening argument. 1,159 more words

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Frugal Friday: Cash Back

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