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5 Jars That Multiply Your Money

In the previous article we have highlighted the most important difference between the 4% THINKERS who are able to create wealth and the other 96%. Now, we are going to investigate another crucial difference between the 4% thinkers and the 96% thinkers. 822 more words

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On Expensive Material Possessions

One of the misconceptions I get from a lot of folks when I share our lifestyle and savings rate is – ‘wow, y’all must live like paupers! 1,577 more words

Early Retirement

Treat Yourself!

Mrs. Steward recently shared a great post about treats in her life and how she handles them. It`s a fantastic read and got me thinking of how I limit myself now to ensure that things really are a treat. 547 more words

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I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen

I have been working through The Real Good Writer’s DNA lately, exploring what I can do to improve my writing skills. Having been ‘to the deep, dark places of brain’ one of the themes that has emerged is how much joy I get from being with my friends and I have been following the exercises through and reflecting on these friendships. 352 more words


When Buying Local Strikes Back

Last year Mr. Rustic Walks and I decided to seek out quality, locally-produced foods in an effort to incorporate more healthy meals into our weekly rotation. 432 more words


Why you probably spend too much money

One popular cliché about students in film and tv, but not any less in real life is that by the end of your paycheck there is still so much left of the month. 483 more words

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Did the UA recall kill the Grandview council vote on Wallace Gardens?

The same day Grandview city council voted in favor of beer at the Ox Roast, they spent a lot of time in discussion of the improvements that were planned for Wallace Gardens. 456 more words

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