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Recovering From Overspending

Oh No! I Spent Too Much On Vacation!

Seems it never fails. You make all kinds of plans for a vacation and once you are on one, you end up spending more than you intended. 399 more words

you're welcome

live simpler, live slower. spend less money but spend more time together. those are top of mind at the moment when i think about the incoming year and what i want it to look like. 569 more words

Keeping your Buck$ in a Row

So you have your carefully considered budget plan?  What now?

Implementing a budget takes intentionally creating new habits to track your spending against what you have budgeted.  413 more words


7 Things You Can Do With an Expected or Unexpected Year End Bonus

‘Tis the season for an expected or unexpected bonus payment at work. Many people are fortunate enough to work for an employer who recognizes their hard work. 491 more words


12 Rules for Money: An Antidote to Financial Chaos

I’ve been listening to lots of podcasts lately and came across Jordan Peterson, a Canadian Professor of Psychology and Clinical Psychologist, and involved in the so called intellectual dark web. 523 more words

Compound Interest

Spending Responsibly

Following are the types of companies you should avoid in your neighborhoods. Mind you, they are deeply rooted ONLY in poor communities and mostly areas where black people reside. 453 more words


Tips to manage your money when in a relationship

It may sound bleedingly obvious, but couples can reach their shared goals by keeping their finances healthy.

Whether saving for a house or holiday or seeking to grow or preserve wealth, couples can reach their common goals by managing money well. 453 more words

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