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“It’s all about the sperm but all’s not Gung-Ho”

So is IVF all about females? What about the role of male? Does male need IVF? Well males do play a very important part in IVF but fortunately or unfortunately males do not need IVF. 586 more words


Recommended Read: 'Adventures in baby making as a single black lesbian'

This is an amazing read, (with autostraddle landing first place as my favourite source of queer journalism) firstly because it is an incredibly interesting story but secondly also because it comes from such a specific perspective that is bound up in the reality of intersectionality. Really informative, and well written.


Feminism Makes Being A Husband/Father Harder.

What has happen to leadership in men?

Feminism has beaten down the man by telling them how bad they are, they forget neither one of us are perfect; both male and female. 986 more words

Being Myself And Opinions