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Is it true that Cell phone radiation can damage sperm.

As soon as mobile phones were small enough to fit into pockets, rumors started flying that radiation is “frying” the poor old testicles of men. But is there any science behind this? 353 more words


Sperm Bank Market Significant Profits Estimated to be Generated by 2021

Sperm bank is a specialized organization, that collects and stores the sperms collected from human sperm donors for the provision to women who need such sperm to have a pregnancy. 681 more words

Trusting Yourself

Being clairsentient, being an empath, having a crystal aura… I am here to tell you to trust yourself. The world is so full of advice, so full of happenings, so full of people. 1,376 more words


A leap of faith...

I’ve been thinking this for quite a long time — in fact I feel like I probably wrote about it when I was freezing my eggs — but this whole thing from start to finish is, if you think about it, totally fucking insane. 416 more words

Egg Freezing