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49-year-old Mother Uses Dead Son's Sperm To Have Twins |The Republican News

A grieving mum who agreed to be artificially inseminated with her dead son’s sperm now has twins after being told by doctors she needed a surrogate to complete her dream of ‘reincarnating’ her child. 617 more words


Sperm Bank Market To Grow At An Impressive CAGR Of 4.12% During 2017-2021 | Radiant Insights,Inc

Sperm bank can be defined as an establishment where the semen is stored in cold conditions for artificial insemination at a later stage. It makes use of cryopreservation freezers to freeze the semen samples. 337 more words


A Mother-Daughter Bond like None Other

By Lindsey Heflin

Growing up, like most girls, Sandi Klingler envisioned herself getting married and having kids. It wasn’t until she was about 30 years old that Sandi began to realize that her fertility clock was ticking and while she had great relationships with great men, she hadn’t met the man she wanted to marry, nor have kids with. 870 more words


Is it true that Cell phone radiation can damage sperm.

As soon as mobile phones were small enough to fit into pockets, rumors started flying that radiation is “frying” the poor old testicles of men. But is there any science behind this? 353 more words


Sperm Bank Market Significant Profits Estimated to be Generated by 2021

Sperm bank is a specialized organization, that collects and stores the sperms collected from human sperm donors for the provision to women who need such sperm to have a pregnancy. 681 more words