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The Perils of Assisted Reproductive Technology #6

He was the perfect sperm donor. Then 26 families found out he wasn’t

At least 36 donor-conceived children face uncertain futures after their supposedly healthy sperm donor turned out to be a man with serious mental illness.

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3 Families Sue Sperm Bank For Billing Mentally Ill Felon As The 'Perfect Donor'


Sperm samples, each individually numbered, rest in a tank of liquid nitrogen, which is seen coming from the tank.

Xytek, a Georgia-based sperm bank, is in hot water for telling parent hopefuls that Sperm Donor 9623 was a healthy, post-doctoral student with an IQ of 160. 518 more words


Sperm Bank's 'Perfect Donor' is Mentally Ill & Fathered 36 Kids!

This sounds like something straight out of a soap opera. A man billed as a “perfect donor” by a sperm bank turned out to be a mentally ill felon. 155 more words


One step forward, two steps back

It looks like we might be changing fertility clinics.

Because we’re using a friend (Lyon) as our donor, our procedure is a lot more complicated than your regular IVF treatment. 376 more words


Due to the present lifestyle, late pregnancy or infertility is becoming a major problem now-a-days. Obesity, bad habits like drinking and smoking, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, low sperm count and lots of other reasons are responsible for infertility. 428 more words

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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 25

Boy Scouts, it’s time to let girls in

The Boy Scouts of America is the greatest leadership training for our youth, and that is why the organization must allow girls to fully participate now! 872 more words

Letters To The Editor

Mother Forces 14-Year-Old Adopted Daughter to Become Surrogate

“Wicked” is how a judge described an American woman living in Britain, who enlisted her 14-year-old adopted daughter as her surrogate, so she could have a fourth child. 385 more words

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