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Is this a problem?

This was a LiveChat conversation;

How can we help?

I need to know if I meet some basic requirements that you may have for potential sperm donors.   107 more words

Sperm Bank

Male 35, seeking F to inseminate

This one is a Facebook message.  My clarification notes are in italics.

I live in Turkey.Looking for recipients who want to have a child.

About me: 266 more words

Sperm Bank

Introduction to Trying to Conceive

Two things to start out with 1. There are a million and a half acronyms when it comes to getting pregnant.. I will do my best to try and spell them out and will post a reference guild later on. 717 more words


Obligatory Welcome Post

I’m not going to be redundant and make a post about who I am and what the site is about. You can find all that info in the About Me Tab. 178 more words


Don't throw away your shot


The last question that I needed to mark after give the example still a bit confusing to me and it’s been all morning in my mind. 121 more words

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Man of the Cloth

Dear ,

Thank you for your fast reply.

I think I took action before waiting for the advice of my high priest. (for me it looked OK)  I’m afraid that I don’t have the consent of my priest to go forward with my intention to become a donor. 114 more words

Sperm Bank

You'd think some things are common sense.

So, back in 2012 I was working for a Sperm Bank in the USA in the client services department.  We’d help women place their orders for donor sperm, which was great!   161 more words

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