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Boost Male Fertility With ProlargentSize

Improve Sperm Count

The average sperm count is between 120 and 350 million per cubic centimeter. A low sperm is less than 40 million per cubic centimeter. 155 more words


Want to have a healthy baby? Here's why age matters for men as well

New Delhi: For women, age is the single most important factor in conception. But, it’s not just them, looks like age matters for men as well when it comes to fertility. 145 more words


Double Edge Sword of Hope

Since we received our last IVF round failure notice, we have had three pregnancy announcements and one birth. Since then, we have climbed out of despair and the “it is never going to happen to us,” back to “soon, it’ll happen soon.” I don’t enjoy feeling my hope climb since I’m terrified of the fall. 673 more words

What Is A 'Normal' Semen Analysis? Debunking The Numbers

Doing some research for a talk I have coming up, I came across an article from the ASRM (American Society For Reproductive Medicine, the association that sets the standards of care in conventional reproductive endocrinology) … 922 more words


Sperm quality in dogs is rapidly declining, and it could be a big warning for human fertility

Food packaging chemicals have been implicated.

Scientists have assessed the fertility of male dogs in Britain over the past three decades to find that it’s declined by a whopping 30 percent across five common breeds. 703 more words


Study demonstrates rapid decline in male dog fertility, with potential link to environmental contaminants

A study led by researchers at The University of Nottingham has discovered that the fertility of dogs may have suffered a sharp decline over the past three decades. 735 more words