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Produce Healthy Sperm

What is the best way to produce healthy sperm?

Maintain A Healthy Weight
Some research suggests that the increase of the BMI is associated with declining… 249 more words


Smoking May Have Negative Effects On Sperm Quality

A recent study found that that sperm of men who smoke has a greater extent of Deoxy Nucleic Acid (DNA)/genetic material damage than that of non-smokers. 105 more words


Increasing Sperm Quality

There are plenty steps you can take to improve your semen volume, and the diet is certainly one of the most important things that may help you increase your… 265 more words

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Tips to Have Healthier Sperm

Get More Folic Acid

Folic acid is important not only for mommy-to-be. Men who had lower levels of folic acid in their diet had a higher percentage of abnormal chromosomes in their… 307 more words