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Men produce more semen when they view more porn stars.

Mandatory picture. Not sorry. 

Coolidge effect = male hypergamy. Suck on that hatefact. 95 more words


Daddy beware- How paternal age affects reproduction and offspring

Daddy beware

How paternal age affects reproduction and offspring

When it comes to discussions on fertilisation and reproduction, there is often an emphasis on the mother. 513 more words


Correlation between high IQ and superior sperm


Social Darwinism 1

Social Justice 0

I love everything about this paper. I want to make a small altar and light a candle for this paper. 35 more words


Men have a Wall too.

I’m tired of seeing this Peter Pan BS in the manosphere. Men age. Men age terribly. There are no current male sex symbols beyond middle age. 789 more words

Fertility Boosting Foods For Men and Women

Women and men who are having difficulty conceiving should take a closer look at their diet. Research from the Harvard School of Public Health produced in the book “The Fertility Diet” by researchers J.Cavarro and W.Willett (2007) has shown that when women make a few small changes to their diet their chances of conceiving increase. 943 more words

Weight Management

Watery Semen, Causes and Solutions

If you have a large sexual appetite, and have sex or masturbate about 3 times daily you should expect your semen to be watery. Sperm makes up just about 5% of the semen (ejaculate) and so hypothetically you cannot say ” I have watery sperm” but you can say watery semen. 321 more words

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