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The Marshes

Out on the marshes it’s wonderful what you can come across sometimes. This Sperm Whales skull is approximately 15 years old. Given the measurements, the animal was a sub adult and would undoubtedly have been a male. 42 more words


My final farewell from 11 species

After five amazing months on board the Cap Finistere I (Clare) am very sad to say this is my final week, and my final blog! 1,253 more words

A Scoop of .... with Your Ice Cream

Whaling became a global industry because there was a need, and thus a market, for the products derived from blubber and baleen. Lamps, lighthouses and streetlights were all lit with one form or another of whale oil. 442 more words


Feeding frenzy!

5th August – 11th August

Bonjour and welcome to my first blog from the Cap Finistere. So after a hectic first week adjusting to life on board I (Jade) have started to find my feet with a special thank-you to Tiffany for showing me the ropes! 963 more words


Big wrinkly. Sperm Whale. Exit stage down!


Media Coverage of the Sperm Whale Found off Jurong Island

Missed the media coverage of our conservation efforts on the sperm whale?

Here is a compilation of the media coverage on the sperm whale so far! 145 more words


To Fin or not to Fin

Bonjour and welcome to our blog from a crazy week on the Cap Finistere. As the schools are starting to break up for summer our ship has been getting busier and livelier with families going on their summer holidays. 1,103 more words