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Moby Dick: Shut Up and Get to the Whale!

With Moby Dick being free to download on Kindle, I’ve already tried twice to read it in text format. The first time, I gave up about a third of the way through. 704 more words

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A dead sperm whale was found with 64 pounds of trash in its digestive system (Spain)

April 11th, 2018 (Kristine Phillips). A young male sperm whale that was found dead off the coast of Spain had 64 pounds (29 kilograms) of garbage in its digestive system. 266 more words

Endangered Biodiversity


So Tom’s outdoor centre is based in an area called Ardintigh – from Gaelic that translates to “Point of the House” – funnily enough, there is a house situated on a point of land, jutting out into the loch. 126 more words


'Extremely rare' inshore sperm whale sighting caught on camera off Nanaimo (British Columbia, Canada)

Acoustic recordings of a sperm whale were previously captured in 1984

March 29th, 2018. A rare sperm whale sighting in inshore waters was captured on camera off of Nanaimo, B.C., on Wednesday around noon. 285 more words

Endangered Biodiversity

The Colossal Squid

You may have heard of the giant squid, the creature that battles with sperm whales in the deep, and may have served as the catalyst for the myth of the Kraken. 588 more words


The Intriguing Sperm Whale

Within a thousand meters off the coast of the Kaikoura peninsula of New Zealand, the continental shelf falls off sharply into the Kaikoura Canyon that runs in a north easterly direction for some 60 kilometres and is around 1,200 meters deep. 641 more words