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Culann's Hound 21: Son of Lugh

Cúchulainn’s famous spear, the gáe bolg or “spear of mortal pain,” was made from the bone of a sea monster, Coinchenn, which perished in combat with another leviathan of the deep, Curruid. 928 more words


Sperm whales

There are thought to be about 200,000 sperm whales in the world, but there is considerable uncertainty about the figure, which may be anywhere between  200,000-1,500,000 according to one site (1). 867 more words


Norfolk Cetaceans - 14th January 2017

I went to inspect a bone yesterday found on the 14th January by the wardens at Holme NWT out at Gore Point after the storm surge. 45 more words

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Shroud Cay and Warderick Wells

Probably the biggest attraction of the Exumas is the park consisting of several cays, unfortunately they didn’t purchase all of them so there are several privately owned ones inside the park boundaries. 237 more words

Bahamas Sailing 2016

Norfolk Cetaceans - 22nd November 2016

What appears to be a SPERM WHALE vertebra of some age was found on  West Runton beach.

Recent Sightings

Norfolk Cetaceans - 19th October 2016

Ted Maley reported a bone he found at Gore Point. On inspection today I found the bone to be the lower jawbone of a SPERM WHALE – undoubtedly (for several reasons) the bone originates from one of the two animals that stranded near Hunstanton in January/February this year.

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It's not all rubbish...

Today marks my final day on board the Cap Finistére after four weeks of working as part of ORCAs Wildlife Officer programme. It has been an absolute pleasure and I would like to thank both ORCA and Brittany Ferries for having me on board. 1,253 more words