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Wings over Whales

This weekend I finally managed to accomplish one of the most important items on my bucket list… See a whale!

I have seen dolphins and got to swim with them (See… … 388 more words

New Zealand

Farewell Fins and Friends

So here we are, I (Lucy) find myself in my final week on board the Cap Finistere as a trainee Wildlife Officer, and what a week! 891 more words

Whale, whale, whale, what have we here?

A sperm whale recovered by the Lee Kong Chien Natural History Museum. Photos by (clockwise from left): Marcus Chua, Becky Lee, & Letchumi Mani

When a dead whale washed up on Jurong island on the 10th of July, 2015, nature enthusiasts across Singapore were shocked. 374 more words

Sperm Whales Have Local Dialects

Researchers eavesdropping on sperm whales living in the eastern Pacific Ocean have discovered that the whales learn to vocalize like others around them. These different clans with their own dialects likely emerged through cultural learning, according to findings published in Nature Communications this week. 31 more words

Good News

The Marshes

Out on the marshes it’s wonderful what you can come across sometimes. This Sperm Whales skull is approximately 15 years old. Given the measurements, the animal was a sub adult and would undoubtedly have been a male. 42 more words


My final farewell from 11 species

After five amazing months on board the Cap Finistere I (Clare) am very sad to say this is my final week, and my final blog! 1,253 more words

A Scoop of .... with Your Ice Cream

Whaling became a global industry because there was a need, and thus a market, for the products derived from blubber and baleen. Lamps, lighthouses and streetlights were all lit with one form or another of whale oil. 442 more words