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HAPPY #cephalopodweek!

Imagine how many of these Colossal Squid versus Sperm Whale battles take place every year. Take a guess–a dozen, two dozen? I think you will be just as surprised by the answer as was I. 185 more words

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Famously clever like us, Cetaceans are the smart cookies of the ocean – and they’ve been in my thoughts at work this week. The question being which one to be… 285 more words



We have rescued a sailor
Of Pequod the whaler;
She sailed from Nantucket, well-found.
His name it is Ishmael;
He says that a white whale… 137 more words


"You're simply the best!"

Some people suggest saving the best until last. I’m never sure exactly how I feel about that because what if time runs out before you get there and you’re never able to enjoy it? 1,534 more words

Whale carcass washed ashore near Corbière (Island of Jersey, UK)

March 25th, 2017. The remains of a 50-foot-long whale have washed up near Corbière Lighthouse.

Experts believe that the highly decomposed carcass could be that of a sperm whale, which are found around the world including in the mid-Atlantic. 111 more words

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Sperm Whale Injured By Fishing Nets Trapped in Huizhou Harbor

A sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) received serious injuries to its tail while caught in a fishing net, which have left it only able to swim in circles, according to news portal chinanews.com (14/3/17). 201 more words

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