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Time capsules from the Ice Age

It is late August, and the weather is turning cold. Very cold. A little chubby arctic ground squirrel bounds at surprising speed across the prairie. It pauses briefly, standing on those two short little back legs. 1,169 more words

Woolly Mammoth

Photo of the Week - Sparky, the Arctic Ground Squirrel

Wow! Busy week! Finally a chance to post my Photo of the Week for 44th Parallel Photography. This week’s photo is of Sparky, an Arctic Ground Squirrel we got to know briefly during my recent trip to the Yukon. 154 more words

Nature Photography

Spermophilus parryii (Arctic Ground Squirrel), 08 August 2010

I like to think there’s a special place in heaven for Arctic ground squirrels. Especially if heaven turns out to be bitter cold. I mean, … 253 more words


Day 01, Mile 253.3: Denali National Park, Savage River

05:57 pm Alaska Daylight Time (253.3 miles). Okay, so you know how you’ve heard Denali National Park is “spectacular” and “unbelievable”? Believe it. It’s all true. 391 more words


Arctic ground squirrel, Spermophilus parryii (2008)

No, I’m not done with the “big mammals” of North American yet… Still quite a bit to cover, but let’s take a break and throw some props down to the little guys too, shall we? 153 more words



Under Construction May 2011


Spermophilus parryii


Length: 15-20mm and 35mm tail (ASM #2)

Diameter Range: 110 -125 microns (ASM #1) 92.5-100 (ASM #2) 673 more words