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2014년 2월 4주 북미 Lumber & OSB 가격 상황

미국 동부 지역의 심한 기상 악화 때문에 거래자들의 소극성이 계속적으로 심화되고, 이제는 파급 효과가 다른 지역으로까지 진행되고 있습니다. 판매, 운송, 생산등의 부진이 남부 지역까지 퍼져가고 있습니다.

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Foundation Thoughts... Rimmel Match Perfection, or Wake Me Up?

Oh boy, it feels good to do a ‘proper’ post. I feel like I’ve been so run down and ill the past week or so, I really just didn’t have the drive to even turn on my laptop, never mind taking and editing photos. 600 more words

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Another Setback For Sunscreen Manufacturers

This week the US FDA released a statement regarding two new sunscreen active ingredients that have been under review for years: No Approval! The 2 sunscreen actives are ecamsule and enzacamene and the FDA last month also said the same thing regarding 6 other UV filters-ingredients seeking approval. 130 more words

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SPF: Sun Protection Factor

SPF stands for sun protection factor. It is a measure of ultraviolet B protection. It is the amount of light that induces redness in sunscreen-protected skin, divided by the amount of light that induces redness in non sunscreen-protected skin. 55 more words


Josie Maran, what a discovery!

After 3 months in the U.S., dealing with all the snow and the winter sun was starting to be tough on my skin, so I decided to head off to Sephora and look for a good day moisturizing cream with a high SPF that would protect my skin from these cold winter days.   121 more words


Why daily SPF matters.

Picture a child running from his own shadow; Classic moment of laughter. Now picture an adult seated in a car, moving around, avoiding the rays of the sun; A moment of madness, if you choose to call it that. 515 more words

Lotions: Whitening or Moisturizing or Sun Protection?

Today, let’s talk about hand and body lotions. What exactly do you look for a lotion? The ones with whitening or with moisturizing contents? Or do you prefer something with SPF to protect you from under the sun at the same time? 934 more words