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Staying within God's Sphere of Protection

Protection is important. I can think of several examples:

  • An umbrella protects us from being drenched and possibly catching a cold.
  • A SPF 100 Suntan lotion prevents us from getting skin cancer.
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Book Review: The Time Keeper, by Mitch Albom

They say time and tide wait for no man. I think that that is true. Life seems to go by so quickly when we’re having fun, yet each moment seems much longer when something is a chore. 415 more words


Made in the shade

Two objects shaded in two different ways – tiny lines and teeny tiny ellipses.


Thus my head is blown. . .

to pieces,

each time i talk to you.

Knowingly you cannot even talk anything about your shit.

This head ache is gone yes,

but my life in a pinch is a stress, 10 more words


Skadido #002

A mass of gas,

circling, around my head,

never a square nor a cubed,

to put this sphere within.


circa 2017




Skadido #001.

circa 2017 june.


Place this on a circle,

let the tiangle play

on your radius.