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Spheriosity and Ant Build Files

While I was on vacation a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted all of the code in Spheriosity to look pretty inside an 80 character emacs buffer. 402 more words


Update Slowdown

For the next week or two I won’t be writing as much as I normally do. Nothing is wrong, I just won’t be using my computer nearly as much as I won’t come up with any topics worth talking about. 73 more words


Intersection of Spherical Circles (Finally!)

For the past two weeks I have been pondering on and off how I would calculate the location of the intersection of two spherical circles. I really want… 549 more words


Java3D, the PickRay, and the PickCylinderRay

Today I was struggling to figure out why I could not highlight a line segment in Spheriosity. After much fiddling around I discovered that the problem only occurred when I was using a… 654 more words


Spheriosity and Efficiency

I spent some time today trying to add, what I think, would be a neat feature in Spheriosity. The feature would let you see the line or circle you are about to create when you are trying to make new lines and circles. 637 more words


Spheriosty and Parallel Transport on the Sphere

Today I was writing some unit tests for Spheriosity and I discovered a flaw with the code that currently handles parallel transported lines. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of parallel transport I will do my best at describing this to you. 907 more words


Spheriosity Alpha 2 Finally Released

For at least the next month or so there will be quite a few articles that at least mention Spheriosity. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but it is my project for the summer. 658 more words