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A Rash of Closures in Little Tokyo

For all the hype the Little Tokyo food scene has gotten in the last few years, there has been a surprising number of closures recently. Fierce competition and rising rents seem to be taking their toll on an area where a lot of ambitious chefs took a chance. 440 more words

Little Tokyo

Almost Last Call for the Spice Table

It’s not done yet, but it is now certain that Bryant Ng is closing the doors on the Spice Table and moving west. if you’ve been putting off trying some of the best and most innovative Southeast Asian flavors in the city, hustle, son. 204 more words

Little Tokyo

The Spice Table - Dine LA While You Can!

The Spice Table, one of my favorite restaurants, is doing DineLA! And unlike a lot of places in recent years, they are offering a heck of a deal on a great meal. 805 more words

Little Tokyo

The Sandwich Smith - Is Little Tokyo Ready for a $15 Sandwich Lunch?

Little Tokyo has been a neighborhood in mourning. Since the Spice Table stopped lunch sevice, the neighborhood has been bereft of a truly great sandwich. 522 more words

Little Tokyo

The Spice Table - a Eulogy for a Great Lunch

It’s now been a couple months since the Spice Table stopped it’s lunch service. Finally, my tears have dried enough for me put thumb to phone to write out this eulogy to a fallen hero – Spice Table’s bahn mi lunch. 641 more words

Little Tokyo

Now That's a Sandwich

I read this LA Weekly list of the 10 Best Sandwiches in Los Angeles just before lunch. Knowing what uninspired meal options lurked in fridge, I hopped in the car, mouth already watering in anticipation of the banh mi sandwich at Spice Table. 108 more words

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