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10 Things I Learnt From... Spice World

“They don’t just sing!” Apparently.

Geri, as Maleficent, ponders life’s big questions.

Let’s get one thing straight: Spice World is a masterpiece. If you were a little girl (or little gay) in the 90’s, you loved the Spice Girls. 2,028 more words


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Episode 3 - Spice World w/ Aria

In Episode 3 of The Girl Talks Over Movies Podcast Ilana and Aria talk about the 1997 epic Spice World. Listen as they get all nostalgic for the 90’s, poorly imitate British accents, talk about Passover, and sing way too much Spice Girls

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Netflix & Chill #6

I had no broadband for 9 days and it might possibly have been the worst 9 days of my life! I am of course joking and survived absolutely fine without it thanks to my 10gb data plan for tethering to my iPad, laptop, Kindle & PC. 511 more words

Netflix & Chill

Throwback Thursday- Spice World (1997)

In the late 1990’s, the Spice Girls were everywhere.  Their songs were all over the radio, it was hard to not miss them in the media. 157 more words


Things I want but can't afford: March edition

Part of the downside of being an unemployed bum is you spend a lot of time on the internet, and with that a lot of time fawning over things that you cannot afford because money seems to disappear if you breathe in too hard or if you, god forbid, left your house for longer than 20 minutes. 511 more words


Spice World: Revisited

When Spring Breakers came out, many (mostly male) film critics praised it as some kind of neon-coloured trash tribute to today’s pop culture. Scantily-clad Disney babes shooting guns! 1,131 more words

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