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10 Awesome Underrated Girl Power Movies

There are few things I hate more than the term “chick flick”. Yuck.  I think that because a lot of these movies have been written off as “chick flicks”, no one gives them a chance or pays them any mind.   868 more words

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Naked Woman Trashed Subway Restaurant, 'Appeared To Be On Drugs'

We don’t know what a woman spent two hours doing in the bathroom before she went on a rampage and trashed a Subway restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska, but one of her agenda items was “remove clothing.” Police say that she emerged from the restaurant and started to destroy the furniture, tear down ceiling tiles, and cause general mayhem. 115 more words


He Likes Me, I Can Tell

01/16/98: Today I guess I didn’t really have the best day, but it was okay. When I got home it was about 6:00, and I wanted to go to The Woodcutter for dinner. 166 more words


So A Hard Day's Night is actually pretty smart.

Talk about taking time to gestate. I watched A Hard Day’s Night in a double feature with Spice World back in March sometime. Maybe April. I can’t remember. 869 more words


[PICS] The Spice Girls Reunited To Celebrate David Beckham's Birthday!

There was a Spice Girls reunion (kind of) over the weekend and we’re still a little upset we weren’t invited.

Posh, Sport, Baby and Ginger Spice helped David Beckham celebrate his 40th birthday in Morocco! 159 more words


These Counties In Illinois Have The Most UFO Sightings

Do aliens exist? That’s the million dollar question that no one seems to have an answer for. Most people say alien’s aren’t real… but if you watched the confusing Intersteller (which I totally did this weekend) than you would think the question is completely valid. 155 more words


Top 5 Movies from the 90s

If the acid wash mom jeans and babydoll dresses are any indication, the 90s are back in fashion in a big way. So why not take a break from assembling your collection of Doc Martens and relax with a 90s movie? 683 more words

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