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The Silent Hill

In response to the Daily Prompt: Undulate

In Spice we would organise lots of local rambles and walking weekends. And I mean lots. Three friends; Andy, Cara and Geoff joined forces to become our walk leaders, calling themselves ACG Adventures. 166 more words


Looking back at... Spice World (1997)

Movie spin-offs featuring musicians playing themselves has never been anything new. From The Monkees to Miami 7, pop-stars being packaged as multifaceted brands has been around for decades. 917 more words


Spice World: You May Mistake It For a Bad Movie

I heard a Junkfood Cinema podcast about this movie and subsequently found out that my wife owned it. Game over.

There is a real argument to be made for the quality of this movie. 263 more words


The Cyclical Nature of Style

I’ve been wondering about style lately and why certain trends come back into fashion.

The conclusion I’ve come to for me, personally, is that as adult, I’m emulating the style icons I had as a pre-teen and teenager because I now have a) the personal funds to do so and b) far fewer f*cks to give than when I was much younger and looking wistfully to my style icons, whispering “I wish I could wear something like… 270 more words


Blown Away

The Spice booking system was the bane of our working lives. We would send out joining instructions for each event but there was no way of previewing an email prior to sending it, so we were in effect sending it out ‘blind’. 135 more words


The Meditation Room

Spicers would descend upon three different Center Parcs venues 3-4 times a year, but it was the Nottingham summer party weekend that no one wanted to miss. 830 more words


The Porn Star

You looking at me?

Back to the future

Living the dream

Being a Spice Coordinator meant being visible at all times (not easy when you’re the same height as a Munchkin). 207 more words