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Boys and their Toys: Spiceworks

I wrote an article on Spiceworks a few years back and thought it needed a little refresher.

Boys and their toys have always been a conversation for women looking to keep up with the budgets at home… Boys who are geeks are much easier to please because their toys cost less but their toys are all over the house instead of in the garage and driveway.   1,265 more words


"Maybe I'm Amazed,” so write a love song!

On Valentine’s Day weekend, the knighted Beatle performed his “Maybe I’m Amazed” on the SNL 40 show. The old man had a shaky start, but finished strong. 310 more words

Cordless vs. Wireless... who knew this was even a debate?

So this post started due to an online forum discussion and since I was so surprised that there could be so many different definitions for something, I thought I would do a little blog post about it.   878 more words


Tech Flashback! Evolution of IT 2000 vs. 2015

The following material posted on this blog entry is not my property. No copyright infringement intended.

Although New Year is pretty much a month ago, I’m sharing an awesome infographic posted by…

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Five tips to reduce interruptions that cost you a lot of money

What consumes your time and costs you money? Frequent interruptions might be a major barrier to managing your time effectively. Good time management can lead to greater success and happiness in your life. 339 more words

Business Growth

The Help Desk

Dear Users,

Although this post is informative instead of instructional, I felt it was a worthy topic of discussion as it has been irrefutably helpful in organising, cataloguing and distributing the work in our IT department. 421 more words


A Christmas Present from Spiceworks... and your local MSPs

This blog is for my geeks out there…

If you have never used a local MSP (Managed Service Provider) then I have to wonder if you know what they offer and what is available in your area.   728 more words