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Offensive Food?

Burger King says it WANTS to offend some customers with food so hot they won’t want to eat it.

What’s the point of this?!?!

I don’t get it. 7 more words


Interview with a spice enthusiast

Today, we spoke to spice enthusiast Tom Parrott to get the low down on how best to get into eating spicy food.

Paneer masala peas

La ricetta a cui mi sono ispirata é qui


Io poi ho fatto le dovute reinterpretazioni, usando un poco di panna invece del latte di cocco (l’ho pure comprato il latte di cocco, ma avevo un cartone di panna aperto nel frigo che sta andando a male), usando tocchetti di mozzarella invece del cottage cheese (a me sembra la stessa identica cosa), usando come spezie solo la mistura di garam masala comprata in India, e nulla piú. 44 more words

Around The World

Fire in the Hole ! ! An Ode to all things Chilli

One of the few things that I can’t live without is Chilli.

Whether it be SriRacha Sauce or chilli peppers flakes or just sliced chilli’s in soy sauce as a dipping delight – chilli is my friend. 285 more words


Spice up Your Life!

Put taste back into on the menu and spice up your life the easy way!

Cleaning up your diet and transitioning to real food can seem momentarily dull when compared to the drama of flavours your taste buds have experienced in the past.  488 more words

Caveman Diet

Don Chipotle

It burns. I am referring to the sixteen ounces of hot sauce I just drank straight from the bottle, not the rash on my legs. That’s a horse of a different color; a horse that went rustling through a forest of poison ivy to retrieve a Frisbee. 225 more words