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I realize, dear reader, that I am due for a cute little story – the kind I used to write when I started my journey and everything was so new that even a pee-pot made the news. 1,094 more words

Wydowna Spider Who?

When I saw Wydowna Spider for the first time, I wanted her. Just not enough to spend the moolah on a single doll. I’ve yet to spend over $20 on a single doll. 416 more words

Fashion Doll

The Lunatic Moon

This is from 2013. There are no physically manifest poems on the PoeTree this year.

The Lunatic Moon
by Beth Weaver-Kreider
for Mara

The thing is, I am a Twisted Hair. 264 more words


Episode 18 - Ultimate Circles of Urkel

Welcome to our podcast covering the history of Marvel’s Ultimate line of comics.

In the eighteenth episode of Ultimate Losers, Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin returns to make Spider-man’s life even more stressful in the first half of the “Legacy” arc (Ultimate Spiderman issues 22-24). 56 more words


Weekend Beverage Share: Clean it, Work it, Do it Girl(s)

(Before I get started, if you haven’t tried ELF’s night time lotion, it’s wonderful. It absorbs right in!)

Today, my sister left for the lands of VA. 807 more words

Afternoon Of Sundries