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Driven: The 2017 Fiat 124 Spider

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Jim Resnick

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  • The original 124 was Fiat’s best-selling car in America by far, selling 170,000 units in the 16 years it lived on these shores through the mid-1980s. 955 more words


    Cute Halloween Hairdo For Little Girls 

    Wouldn’t this be a neat way to style your little girl’s hair for Halloween?!?😍

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    The year of the Tarantula

    In the first 12 summers living in Arizona, I may have seen a dozen or so tarantulas. For one reason or another my neighborhood has become an epicenter for them and I have come across no less than 50 this summer while walking after dark – I stopped counting. 157 more words



    Another week, another hundred freckles! This week was school holidays, not that made any difference to me what so ever, it just meant that there were kids everywhere! 285 more words



    I thought this was a spider but it isn’t.

    It belongs in fact to a group of creatures called Opiliones and is called a Harvestman because it appears at harvest time. 39 more words

    Living In Italy

    Poem: Met a spider

    By: Safiyyah Motaib

    was walking down a road one day
    met a spider and thought I’d listen
    to what he had to say

    was 63 years old he said… 167 more words