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Telling Tales To The Wind

The mole is a unit of measurement, which is defined thus: the mass of substance containing the same number of fundamental units as there are atoms in exactly 12.000g of carbon. 415 more words

Once Upon A

Leaf Curling Spider (Phonognatha graeffei)

About a month ago, it seemed there were Jewell Spiders everywhere, but this week the Leaf Curling Spiders have taken over.  As the name suggests, each spider uses a curled leaf suspended in the centre of the web as a protected  hiding spot.   352 more words


A letter to my "Half-Daddy"

As the young thug that I was, I was almost constantly drowning in a mass of about 2 billion stuffed animals.  As you remember, each of those jewels had their own name, personality, background, and life story.   308 more words


Real or experiment: 1968 Lancia Fulvia Spider by Zagato

There is a big question here: is this car a true Zagato spider or just a cut car which is useless now?

Indeed Zagato built just an handful of these cars and how it often happens for these coachbuild specials, it’s difficult to know the exact number of the specimen produced: to be honest, before seeing this car we didn’t know that Zagato made also a spider version of his famous Fulvia. 81 more words

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I thought I would put all of these small and creepy things in just one post, so that people easily can avoid it if they want to. 351 more words

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250 from launch: 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

This early Giulietta Spider carries a three digits chassis number: it is the #250 to have seen the light out of the Portello factory.

It was sold new to Hoffmann in NY and then it was white as the old paint on the dashboard tells us; nothing else has remained of that white which was probably mated to a red interior: actually this car has both seats and panels which look new: they’ve been probably installed before putting the car for sale. 96 more words

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