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Lots of records: 1981 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000

There are a lot of these Alfa Romeo Spiders for sale but there are a problem with most of them: their value is not high (they’re absolutely underrated in our opinion) so a restoration is out of the question. 150 more words

For Sale

In a Vase on Monday

Mmmmmmm ….. those irises – the colour, the shape, the markings, the scent – I greet them each morning with my first cuppa,

and couldn’t resist bringing one inside … 328 more words


My first Jumping Spider

I am actually kind of arachnofobic, but when I lived in an apartment full with Jumping Spiders a few years ago, I strangely enough didn’t find these little creatures as terrifying as other spiders. 76 more words


Day 14 Of 30 Day Challenge:8 Legged Roomie

Hey guys, so I made a “friend” today. I looked up in my loft and spied a brown “something” on the ceiling. After further investigation, it would seem a little brown spider has taken up residence in the loft. 245 more words


How Do You Gauge a Spider?

We had about an inch of rain last Thursday. The next day the skies cleared and we emptied the water.

Yesterday I spotted something inside the gauge. 12 more words

Nature Photography

The Spider

I dreamt of us

Our relationship was the spiders

Exploding into my room

Thousands of baby spiders

Then I stabbed the big one

I read it was bad luck… 13 more words


Extraterrestrial Monk

The pilot only needed fuel for his ship, but the humans sounded the alarm upon his arrival.