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After a month or so of revisions and beta-reading, I’m getting ready to finalize Spider and upload it for pre-order. This is a somewhat unusual book in that it’s not a romance, even a dark romance, of the sort you usually see in dark erotica. 3,791 more words


They came, they saw, they conkered..... Are spiders really afraid of conkers?

*There are images of spiders in this post*

Before stickleback and masters projects , there was third year projects and, not everyone’s favourite animal, spiders. It feels like a such a long time now but just a year ago I was working on debunking one of the natural world’s stranger mysteries: do conkers repel spiders? 1,646 more words


Red-masked by ArmenSeropian

Jumping spider (Pellenes seriatus) subadult female

From 500px http://ift.tt/1SFEC0r


Halloween 2015

This was great fun, you loved scooping goop!

We chose your favourite photo from a google search for the skeleton and mine for the spider AND we made yummy pumpkin & cinnamon mash with the pumpkin chunks that we carved off.

MORNING BULL - Don't Like Spiders, Don't Watch This! [Video]

This gave us the heebie jeebies – ever seen anything like this?

  • The Morning Bull