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A Father's Defeat

“My father can defeat Superman!” declared six year old Neha.

“That’s nothing. My father can defeat Batman!” proclaimed Karan.

“My Baba has huge muscles. Like Popeye after he has his spinach. 1,034 more words

30 Day Challenge, Day 1

Day 1 : Self Portrait

1 Fixed light, 1 Reflector
ISO 100

Peter Parker’s Aunt May is shown slowly dying from a gunshot wound sustained during the events of… 424 more words


Explaining The Civil War Concept Art – Scarlet Witch, Team Divisions & More

After months of speculation – and waiting for the D23 footage to be shown – we finally get some new concept art images for Captain America: Civil War detailing the opposing sides in this film. 1,406 more words


Stan Lee Apologises for Populating the Entire Film World with People in Silly Costumes

As superhero films continue to churn their way out of Hollywood at an exponential rate, Marvel comics stalwart Stan Lee has apologised for inventing most of the characters in the first place. 254 more words


Who is the most American Superhero?

When you think about American cinema lately you might conjure up images of a household name actor or director a la Bradley Cooper or the much maligned Micheal Bay. 1,293 more words