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Tom Holland is the Worst Spider-Man

Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man and Peter Parker is what out of touch Disney executives think Californian teenagers act like, it’s embarrassing; and I hate it. 202 more words


Steve Ditko

Steve Ditko is a comic book artist primarily known for his expertise in the Spiderman comics and the doctor strange series. Steve recently has passed away on the 29 of june 2018 at the age of 90. 39 more words


Marvel Reveals AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Black Cat Covers From Mike Wieringo, J.G. Jones, and J. Scott Campbell!

Black Cat didn’t commit the crime…but Spider-Man will need to befriend his once-foe-once-friend-once-crime-boss Felicia Hardy if he wants to solve this case!

This October and November, join Peter and Felicia Hardy in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’s Black Cat arc, featuring two new variant covers by J.G. 119 more words


The Saga of the Avengers Continues

Warning: Spoilers ahead

This Tuesday morning, the Trailer for Captain Marvel was released. A glimpse has been highly anticipated since the end of Avengers: Infinity Ward earlier this year. 316 more words

Show 9.18.18: Study Hall

 Ring the Bell! School’s back in session, sucka!

The GotS Crew is about to educate you in the ways of comic wisdom!

On this week’s show: 70 more words


Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection - Review


At the begging of the year, I bought myself a PlayStation 4 just because I deserved it! I work really hard and that was like a late Christmas present for me. 255 more words


Swingin' Round The City

Let me start out from the jump saying that Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) is a blast! In this game we get to play an older (though still in his 20s) Spider-Man, one who has years of experience under his belt. 209 more words