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By Jen P

“Spider-Man: Hey guys, you ever see that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back?

War Machine: Jesus, Tony, how old is this guy?”

  ~Captain America, Civil War
Jen P

Marvel: Lose some Avengers

So it’s pretty clear that gone are the days of a single superhero and a single story. Captain America Civil War was no less than Avengers 3, with all our beloved superhero characters appearing side by side. 1,552 more words


I Heart Spidey

I Heart Spidey, random design I did for fun. Available as a print aswell as cushions, leggings, skirts, mugs, phone cases from S6 & RB below.


Captain America, Spiderman, Satan and Temptation

So I’ve been on summer break for a few weeks now. My first year of university has officially ended. It’s crazy how quickly time flies. And yet all I’ve really been doing these past few days is finding various ways to waste my time. 440 more words