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NiceCode Spiderman 2

Hey remember NiceCode’s Spiderman game? Well, if you remember, I mentioned they also made a Spiderman 2 game.

OK, here’s how NiceCode’s Spiderman 2 works. 131 more words


Talking in Target

All it took was mentioning Spider-Man.

I was with my brother-in-law, we were killing time in the Christmas isle while the girls shopped for makeup. We were looking at superhero ornaments, Spider-Man in particular, when a man next to us mentioned his own affinity for ‘ol Spidey. 329 more words


The Adventures of Ninja Phil II - Ep 29 - ...of the middle...

Man this fight is epic! Like we’re talking Darth Vader v Luke Skywalker round 2 here. Or Gandalf v the Witch King. Or Spiderman v Venom. 54 more words


Poster Style Paintings

I have completed two rather different paintings, each of which branched from the same areas of interest and inspiration; comics, pop culture, movie posters and memories… 459 more words


Captain America : Civil War! The first of civil war series!!!

Finally! the first trailer of Captain American : Civil war. Thank you Disney for not making this so much about Hero registration act! And I foresee Avenger : Civil war movie coming out as sequence for this movie! 273 more words

'Captain America: Civil War' gets a new trailer, 'Fantastic Four 2' may never be that lucky

Via: Forbes, Wired

If you’re a fan (willing to admit it or not) of the big budget super hero movies being pumped out by the likes of Disney, Marvel (by way of Fox), Paramount, and Columbia, there’s a fair bit of news for you to get caught up on. 313 more words