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TBT: My 1st Boyfriend

Spiderman gives me a kiss!

Auric was my 1st boyfriend. Apparently, we were a couple, LOL (or so my family says as I’ve seen him other photos with me as a child). 9 more words


Teri's Daily Ramblings #2: Marvel and Me

Welcome to another entry of Teri’s Daily Ramblings, the part of the blog where I, Teri Marie, tackle a new topic each day and encourage others to join in on the discussion. 511 more words

Daily Ramblings

Captain America: Civil War (12A, 2hrs 27mins)

…and so begins phase three of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and quest for world domination.  Seriously, if Marvel get any bigger I can see M sending 007 in to take them down!  1,010 more words

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There's a Phony inFAMOUS Leak That States Fool Punch Is Making a Spider-Man Game

But like we say, it’s fake

Do not believe every little thing you see

As we’ve written a couple of times currently, there’s no factor to think that Sucker Punch is making a Spider-Man online game besides the reality that it appears like a suit made in Marvel heaven….



WHERE DO I BLOODY START? Let me put the kettle on.

This film is probably one of my favourite Marvel films after Winter Solider. Full of non-stop actions and bad-arse everything, this is a serious contender for being one of the best superhero films about at the moment. 310 more words

Aliyah Daily

A List of Spiderman

Oh, bless my initial list making skills. Bless them, truly. If I had to choose one human being I love the most, I’d have to choose–never mind. 330 more words

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