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COMMON NAME: spiderwort
GENUS: Tradescantia
SPECIES, HYBRIDS: T. andersoniana {hybrid of T. bracteata and T. virginiana}
FAMILY: Commelinaceae
BLOOMS: summer
TYPE: perennial
DESCRIPTION: The three petals of the spiderwort blossom are gently scalloped and beautifully colored. 1,061 more words


Friday 20 May 2016. Catching the Early Sunrise

It was 53 degrees F at 5:17 this morning as I headed toward Meadowbrook Park on Discovery II. Decided it was worth going a little more slowly to be able to sit up and get a better view of the scenery. 223 more words


Thursday 18 May 2016. First Meadowbrook Spiderwort, Under Glaring Sun

It was 48 degrees F this morning at 5:50, with some good-sized clouds in the western sky but none to the east. So right away the sun came up brashly and made it hard to look at the landscape the way so many previous cloudy mornings had allowed. 385 more words


5 Container Favorites

I don’t talk about annuals much, preferring to invest in perennials and shrubs. But I do a bit of container planting each year to keep the color going. 408 more words


Wildlife Wednesday: April 2016

Choose an animal you really like. Write a 250 word report about it. That or something like it was the assignment. By the time the recess bell rang everyone already had a topic: tigers, baby seals, grizzly bears … If an animal had any charisma at all it was already taken. 893 more words

Native Plants

A Ballyhoo for Spiderwort

Texas is well-known for its spring wildflowers: BluebonnetLupinus texensis

Pink evening primroseOenothera speciosa,

FirewheelGaillardia pulchella,

…and so many others. 1,152 more words

Spriderwort Wildflowers in Deep Purple

It’s Spiderwort Season in Hot Springs National Park!  Spiderwort bloom in a glorious pallet of transitioning color in the light and shade.   A favorite is a rich velvety purple which creates a wonderful contrast to the yellow stamen. 15 more words

Hot Springs National Park