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Adaption (Movie Review

Movie synopsis: Charlie Kauffman is a depressed writer hired to write the orchid thief but unable to write a compelling narrative due to the stories lack of dramatic structure. 253 more words


Alone Or Lonely

It could be easy to scoff and dismiss the Spike Jonez film “Her” as a ridiculous perversion between a loser and a laptop… and I’ll admit there were more than a few times when I exclaimed “Oh come ON… it’s a COM-PU-TER!” during my viewing, but. 783 more words


Kanye West Shares his Video for "Only One"


To kick off 2015 Kanye West released his first collaboration with The Beatles’ Paul McCartney, ‘Only One‘, a ballad in honor of his late mother Dr. 75 more words


Spike Jonze's 'Her' -- Making an Old Trope New Again

Well, it pains me to do this. But I’m going to renounce what I said in an earlier post, titled: “Affairs With Robots — Does That Even Work Anymore?” Read the post… 569 more words


Her: A Glimpse into the Near Future?

I just saw “Her” for the first time. “Her?” you ask. No, I’m not referring to George Michael’s girlfriend on “Arrested Development”. I’m talking about Spike Jonze’ movie about the intricate relationship between man and technology. 315 more words


Review Her (2013)

“Rachel, anh nhớ em quá, nó làm anh đau khắp người” – Ôi mẹ ơi tôi sẽ yêu ai mất nếu có người nói thương yêu kiểu vừa mạnh mẽ vừa dễ thương như vậy :v… 1,074 more words


Film Review: "Her" (2013)

Set in Los Angeles of the near future (perhaps 50 years from now), Her follows lonely Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix, typically pitch perfect) as he purchases the world’s first artificially intelligent smart phone. 1,252 more words