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When The Levees Broke: The Walking Dead

The featured image for this blog post does not come from WTLBbut rather from the widely popular television show The Walking Dead. Although I am bringing a fictional, post-apocalyptic series into my consideration of Lee’s documentary, I cannot help but notice the striking similarities between this iconic image and some of the opening and concluding footage of… 239 more words

When the Levees Broke: Dialing Zero

Although I know that the Gulf Coast represents a hotspot for hurricanes and other tropical storms, I did not have any knowledge of Hurricane Betsy in 1965. 278 more words

When The Levees Broke: Zoom Accents

“Zoom accents” is another term I have come up with to frame Lee’s acute utilization of camera mechanics. Typically, talking head interviews require a static camera that is trained on the subject from a fixed distance — whether that be a medium shot or up close and personal. 170 more words

When The Levees Broke: Off-Beat

Early on in WTLB (I’m sticking with this acronym from now on), it became clear that the combination of talking-head interviews and found footage would represent the aesthetic crux of the documentary. 265 more words

When The Levees Broke: Cast Out

When the levees broke, I was twelve-years old and on my way to junior boarding school. Coming from the Springfield public school system, I was never challenged with the specificity of my biracial identity. 438 more words

When The Levees Broke: A Blog Series

Preface: This will be one of several blog posts that concern our screening of When the Levees Broke. Due to this film’s lengthy runtime and countless topics of discussion, I believe this serial response to be the most fitting way to frame my response.  240 more words