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Horticulturalists To Induce Corpse Flower "Spike" Sunday Morning

(CBS) — Horticulturalists with the Chicago Botanic Garden are expected to induce the corpse flower “Spike” to bloom Sunday morning.

The Chicago Botanic Garden says at 10 a.m., horticulturalists will remove the spathe in order to reduce the amount of energy needs in order to bloom. 41 more words


Toy Review: Spike, Shining Armor, and Princess Cadance vinyl figures, from Funko Toys

With the release of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna in late December, Funko and Hot Topic gave fans of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic… 1,504 more words

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Spike: A New Journey Chapter Four

The bar fell quiet as the last of its patrons finally exited. Jess kept herself busy cleaning while the others gathered at the bar. Harlem was still reeling that Juliette had still gone out alone. 2,755 more words


Spike: A New Journey Chapter Three


Spike sat on the worn in couch and thought about the last 24 hours. Uncapping a bottle of bourbon found in the back of a cupboard, Juliette crossed his mind. 3,931 more words


Spike: A New Journey Chapter Two

The warm sunshine invaded the car as Jules drove towards the other side of town. She pulled the sun visor down to block her eyes. Her stomach knotted as she considered the decision to take him to her house. 3,537 more words


Spike: A New Journey- Chapter One

~~In the aftermath of LA’s near apocalypse, lives were lost both good and evil. The last of us fought until the biggest of the bads were slain and LA was, yet again, safe from the evils of this world and many others. 4,732 more words


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