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This came to me out of nowhere today. I rarely get the impulse to paint, so I’m not great by any means, but I kind of like this one anyway. 97 more words


[Standard] PPTQ Dominaria 2nd Place with Four-Color Energy

This past weekend, I placed second at a relatively small PPTQ with 21 players piloting a variation of Elias Klocker's "Four-Color Control" (as Wizards calls it) list from the World Magic Cup which itself is a variation of Logan Nettles' … 4,350 more words


Indoor-Track Survival Tips: Distance Runners

On Saturday, I ran the 3000m run at UW-Whitewater’s Alumni/Inter-squad Meet. Even though I’ve ran indoor track races for going on 8 seasons, I still always learn something new and relearn something I should already know. 898 more words


When you’ve thrown up in a bucket because a three month long intrusive thought simply WILL NOT go away, advice like, “Just don’t think about it, you’re not trying hard enough,” becomes offensive and provocative, like lashings of a stick across a bare back. 1,087 more words

[Modern] F2F Modern Open - Finals scrubout with Abzan

To follow up on my last post about playing BGx in Toronto area Face Opens (http://ift.tt/2jEUTZB), I decided to stay true to the changes I suggested previously for my 75 as I stumbled into London on a fine Saturday morning. 2,708 more words


Beautiful, creepy or deadly Creature like fluffy toy kills peoples.

Lonomia obliqua is just as frail as any other caterpillars you might have seen, but that doesn’t stop it from causing severe serious internal hemorrhaging and even death, if you just touch it. 186 more words


Cryptocurrency Firms See Marked Point In Share Cost

Various organizations associated with the digital money ventures have seen sensational increments in share value following the dynamite exhibitions of bitcoin and numerous different cryptographic forms of money amid 2017. 427 more words