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about 8.6

I was watching the clock count down to 6:40, knowing a plane was departing without us; knowing we weren’t getting our adventure; knowing we’ve come so far and had gotten so close, but fate is just a selfish tease and we took the bait, once again. 20 more words


How to Self-Survive

this is a how-to

on what to do

to feel less dead on a daily,

a note to self:

you don’t like going out

you have trouble walking about… 123 more words

They tell us we should be seen and not heard,
but it is my goal to raise my voice
until echoes of injustice are silenced.

26 more words


How do I long for commitment while simultaneously fearing it?

The same way a baby bird yearns to fly but is too afraid to fall from the nest.


It Must Be So Easy To Drown

We took a trip to the beach.

My friend recently married so his parents rented a house in Ocean City as a gift for him and his wife. 2,682 more words

Spilled Ink


Kaleidoscopic mentality

Nothing we seek is ever the same

Carbonic, living rarity

When feelings of love turn into shame.

The clandestine calamity

Of what you had thought, could never be replaced… 15 more words

no mans land

the slight things

hidden in dusty forgotten corners,

a crawling, lurching


from an isolated clandestine ocean,

turbulent waves locked into

a cage

filled with extorted turquoise and… 202 more words