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Items In The Rearview May Appear Larger Than They Really Are (and who says they aren't even bigger?)

Not much to show for the boys who grew up the way I did. Juveniles only in it for the thrills, no arrest record, money piles or illegitimate children this side east of the Hudson. 401 more words

Spilled Ink

The fear of the un-known


My heart was palpitating
My hands refused to work
My mind was filled with thoughts,
which my body was trying to dislodge
I didn’t really know what was going on… 43 more words

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She left pieces of her heart

like Johnny Appleseed,

hoping something would take root.

Maybe someday she’d wander back and find

a glorious tree

where once was nothing but empty, black dust. 39 more words

I'm Thinking About How Cute You Are While Alone, Eating Chicken Lauriat

Without realizing it.
It just kind of slipped past my brain,
like how, running late, I slid my
flats into my sock-wrapped soles
this morning. 82 more words


What I'm trying to say but I wont let me

3 little bubbles

You know I’m writing something

But I keep deleting it

You know I wear my heart on the outside

But there is still vastly more I dont say… 7 more words

Moving on

I long for the past

which is insane.

The past is but a memory.

One that I can no longer live in.

It has passed. 124 more words


Strange Love

When she was herself,

it pushed people away.

When she acted like the rest,

they flocked to her.

She knew how to give them what they wanted. 153 more words