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Seeking Absolution

Desperate for salvation

She crawls on her knees

Seeking absolution

In the form of mortal men

Who fuck her numb body

Tarnishing her beautiful

Selfless soul

Creative Writing

Tarnished and Forgotten

The abandoned factories

Gargantuan relics

Tarnished and forgotten

By the thick shadow

Of the somber past

*Photo taken by me*

Creative Writing

Wild Flower

You’re so beautiful a wild flower
Is envious of your aesthetics.
You glow like a star does,
Lighting up the Galaxy.

A part of me was left inside your chapel walls when you left, 123 more words

Love; An Interpretation

My soul has felt earthquakes
The same way my arms shake when I feel something

When an electric current seems to flow through me
The same way the rain slides off a windshield… 240 more words

The Truth

I am looking at a building
Taller than my greatest fears,
Each brick laid is a reason to
Regret the last three years.

I played, 282 more words

Whiskey and Lions

They dragged me down into a den of lions
saying it was for my own good.
And when the lions took a chunk of my flesh… 160 more words

I am / I was

I am the midnight cigarette burning away in your boyfriends ashtray,
give me a chance I will surprise you with magic tricks,
like how fast I can make a beer disappear, 151 more words