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High school pt. 3(maybe)

So what was it like to be in high school? Frustrating; depressing. Most of all awkward. For me at least. I feared judgement from everyone and sought approval of anyone that would give it freely. 383 more words


I think the most comforting songs are those you hear at the right moment and at the right time. When you’re feeling hopeless, suddenly, your dad turns on the radio and a song about hope goes on. 136 more words


Household changes

A few days have passed since the last blog entry. Went to my lung doctor yesterday. Usual appointment. Checking in and making sure I’m okay. They usually follow along with what the lung transplant teams has to say. 277 more words


High school pt. 3

I don’t believe it would have mattered one bit. My life turned out the way that it did because of random choices and gestures I made. 422 more words


High school pt 2

The case of the matter was that I was sheltered. I barely got to have the high school experience. It sucked so bad. I was mostly ignored throughout high school. 142 more words


I don’t like being sad because it feels like I’m weak. I was brought up tough, in a household that conceals all emotions beneath its floors. 297 more words


High school pt 1

Another day has come and gone away. With my dreams reminding me of who I am and who I’ll never be. Do you ever just have a dream. 252 more words