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Do you stuff your bra?

Do you stuff your bra? Of course! Even if I’m not wearing one and especially if I’m without my backpack, I’ll always have tissue stuffed somewhere on me. 506 more words

How to clean red wine stains from carpets and rugs

The most important thing to do if you have spilled red wine on your carpets or rugs is to act quickly and to not leave it for another day. 341 more words

Carpet Cleaning

It's only Rock 'n' Rhone but I like it...

Apparently the secret to perfect Michelin starred restaurant mash potatoes is equal parts potato to butter and that’s the formula I followed last night.

But mash is not what this blog post is about (nor the roast chicken that accompanied it)…the back of… 229 more words

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The Wine Train #2

I don’t see myself ever buying a bottle of Robert Mondavi’s Woodbridge 2010 Chardonnaybut when it’s handed to me as a complimentary bottle on a train ride…WHY NOT? 107 more words

Louis Villard

Vindictive ***hole? No, it's Volatile Acidity! please vote

Partly due to this article http://huff.to/jKqGDN that rubbed me the wrong way and partly due to a wine I cracked open last night…I would like to know your thoughts on Volatile Acidity….the notorious VA! 73 more words

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I seem to write about Pinot a lot, even though it's not my fav grape

The story of Sanford Winery isn’t a happy one, but a story nonetheless told time and time again through the history of wine.  Sanford was one of the top Pinot Noir producers in Santa Barbara for much of the late 80’s and 90’s.   141 more words

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Wet, hot and...for your face?

I was lucky enough to be invited to Benares earlier this week, as a guest of Lenz Moser the Austrian winemaker via Bibendum Wines. 51 more words

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