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White House in Severe Desperation: Time to Bring out their most Experienced Liar

If you close your eyes and face Washington, you can smell the fear. With each day more evidence is discovered linking members of Trump’s team to Russia. 611 more words

Spin Doctors Without Borders Concerned About Soros' Longevity

Members of international NGO, Spin Doctors Without Borders are concerned about the health and longevity of international public enemy number one, George Soros, in the wake of recent reports about his inheritance. 450 more words



Is it just me, or have a growing number of Republican Congressmen become tired of the bulls**t from Trump’s administration? Are they becoming as frustrated as other Americans who are exhausted from listening to or reading lie after lie, after lie? 336 more words

Build Your Own Bike Workshop: Easy Mode

With their brilliantly designed components all thoughtfully placed in optimal positions, bicycles are nearly perfect machines. Nearly. As with all machines that have moving parts, sometimes the parts need to be maintained, fixed, replaced, or upgraded. 835 more words

Why 22 Men and Women Sold their Souls to Work for Trump

Do you approve of Trump’s spin doctor, Kellyanne Conway, receiving her pay from your tax dollars? Trump created a formerly non-existent position for her, and she is one of the 22 highest paid staffers in the White House. 277 more words

To Whom Does Donald Trump Give His Loyalty; His Patriotism? A Response to Kellyanne Conway

First of all, let’s make one thing perfectly clear; no where in the Constitution does it say that the American people must offer their loyalty to the President of the United States. 739 more words