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Saturday, 18th April 2015

Spin room, n.

Pronunciation: /spɪn rʊm/
Etymology: < spin n. partly as a back-formation from spinning n. + room n.

A designated area where, after a debate or other political event, politicians participate in an intense form of line-toeing exercise involving “riding a stationary bicycle” at a constantly varying pace set by journalists.


The World's Greatest Concentration of Nitwits

In a herd, each individual is choosing behaviour that corresponds to that of the majority of other members, possibly through imitation or possibly because all are responding to the same external circumstances.

1,020 more words
Critical Thinking

The oxygen for the Royal Family

When it comes to the Royal Family, they have a long and complicated history of relations with media. On the one hand, the Royal Family members cannot choose to live ordinary lives and avoid media. 339 more words

All the news that is fit to print

breaking news
we don’t know anything yet
here’s what we know

author – George O Hawkins

posted with permission

This was posted on a facebook group I hang out in and when I saw it I just had to bring it forward. 256 more words


4 Articles To Get You Through The Holidays

Happy Holidays from Performance Bicycle! We hope you’re enjoying the time with friends and family.

But like you, we’re starting to crave some bike time. Realistically though, that’s not going to happen for a few more days. 177 more words

Bike Riding

Aliya Rajasa Traumatized by Journalists?

Last month, we attempted to organize a one-on-one conversation with Alya Rajasa, the daughter in law of the Sixth President of Republic of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY). 54 more words


Labels are for Clothes: Dispelling PR Stereotypes (Part A)

Youthful, vibrant, and sexy.

Ever since Samantha Jones of Sex and the City graced our TV screens in 1998, public relations practitioners have not been able to lose the stereotypes associated with the character. 391 more words