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Attack of the Graske

Ah yes, I remember playing this on the red button on Christmas Day 2005, and possibly once or twice on the website thereafter. It’s stuck with me incredibly well, as I distinctly remembered the bit where you have to cut between the two views of the family living room, and spot the imposter. 383 more words

Tenth Doctor

Children In Need

I remember watching this go out at the time, but to be honest I remember it being a bit more substantial than this. There’s a very lengthy recap and a full title sequence – which features the debut of David Tennant’s name but frustratingly no on-screen title – cutting in to the short running time. 204 more words


Scream of the Shalka

Another phase of the project is complete, with the last of the assorted attempts to keep the flame going before the glorious return. This is probably the most viable of the various propositions, though I do wish all these reboots didn’t feel the need to be so dark and gritty. 671 more words

The Master

Rogue One: What We Lose When ‘Star Wars’ Goes to the Dark Side


     “If money is what Disney wants,” quipped a friend, borrowing a line from Princess Leia in the original 1977 Star Wars, “then that’s what they’ll receive.” 2,198 more words


Shada (webcast)

I had a bit of a mishap with this. After watching all of Real Time in one go, I was under the impression that this would be of a similar length, so I intended to do the same again. 564 more words


Real Time

Erm, Happy New Year! I had an unscheduled pause over the festive break; my Christmases are always hectic, but for the last couple of years I’ve been doing my best to squeeze in as many episodes of… 638 more words


Talkie Pictures: Episode 1 - Star Wars

I’m now doing an audio podcast where I talk to bloggers, film historians, your average film-nut, and others about movies. My first episode is about Star Wars. 33 more words