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A Final Goodbye – The Sequel

For writers and producers, a series finale doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve exhausted the potential of a premise or they’re ready to say goodbye to the characters they’ve helped to create. 1,472 more words

TV Shows

Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz

Available June 21, 2016, Tom and Jerry go Back to Oz.

Look for a new character named Jitterbug as Tom and Jerry face the Gnome King and his army to save Oz.

Spin Offs

Potter Head July BLOG TOUR: Hopes and Fears About Spin Offs

Well hello, dear stranger, are you ready to FRET and HOPE at unprecedented levels about the thing we all love so terribly much? *high five* Excellent. 2,032 more words


What Game of Thrones spin-offs would you watch?

On the way to work today I walked past a mother and a young boy and couldn’t help but notice that the level to which he quizzed her on her activities was startling. 589 more words

My Musings

Spinning Out of Control

Giving TV viewers more of what they want is the reasoning behind creating spinoffs of popular shows.  Top-rated programmes, especially sitcoms, often create breakout characters… 1,560 more words


2.23 Mystery of the Silverton Estate, Pt. 1

Tuesday, September 13, 2416 | Silverton Estate | Bay City, Califorsimia

I can’t sleep now even if I want to… 

I returned to my bedroom with the diary and stretched out on my bed. 2,008 more words

Sims 3 Stories

Lucifer Over Lanarkshire : Seminal Pop Moments

Orville, doyen of deep-rooted depression, crispy duck fried in his own self-loathing. And you thought he was just a cute, somewhat grating green puppet. YOU WERE WRONG.SO WRONG. 225 more words

Lorna Irvine