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This Wizard of Oz Won't Scare You

Found this while browsing through Google:

This Wizard of Oz Won’t Scare You is one reviewer’s perspective on a new interpretation of The Wizard of Oz presented at Sydney’s… 113 more words

Spin Offs

Who Would You Make A Spin Off Movie About?

If you were asked to create a spin-off movie based on a supporting character from any film? Who would you choose? And what would the film be about? 363 more words

The CW's Third DC Show Is Officially 'Legends Of Tomorrow', And Here's A Synopsis

After a lot of speculation, rumors, and annoyance at the ArrowFlash spin-off taking forever to find a title, it’s official: The CW is launching a third DC show, … 261 more words


Idina Menzel on Tour

Check it out – Idina Menzel is on World Tour, all the way from Seoul, Korea to Orem, Utah.

Yeah, that’s right Orem, Utah. 80 more words

Wicked Witch

Off-Spring Sequels: Longing for the Previous Protagonist Generation

Sequels are a completely different animal from reboots or remakes in that people are usually excited for them. Maybe the story was left unfinished, purposely setting up a sequel. 609 more words



Let’s thank god for Netflix, the online streaming media company plans to revive the hit sitcom FullHouse. Twenty years after the show went off the air, John Stamos will help produce the spin off… 134 more words


The Bella Twins Want A 'Total Divas' Spin-Off That Is Even MORE About The Bella Twins

If you watch the Divas division on Raw, you know it’s all about the Bella Twins. If you watch ‘Total Divas,’ you know it’s all about the Bella Twins. 261 more words