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Why the Star Wars Spinoffs are an Awesome Idea

When it was announced two years ago that Disney had started to develop standalone Star Wars films, I was strongly against the idea. Up until now, the Star Wars films have exclusively told the saga of the Skywalker family – the fall of Anakin Skywalker, and the rise of his son Luke, who would ultimately redeem his father and turn him back to the good side. 499 more words


The Star Wars Trifecta of 2017 and The Return of the Denis Lawson?

Yesterday’s announcement carried long-awaited news with exciting implications. This widely-covered information marked an unprecedented phase of Star Wars fandom. For the first time ever, there are three Star Wars movies ( 289 more words

Star Wars

Lady Gaga

Fresh from her extraordinary Oscar performance celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Sound of Music, the Lady Gaga we’ve all come to know creeps back upon us. 48 more words

Sly Reference

Increasing Value with Corporate Spin-offs

by Rebecca Sze

Corporate spin-off deals are often overshadowed by the 900 M&A deals that occur each month, but with about 40 spin-offs occurring per year, these deals are certainly worth understanding. 462 more words


3 things making me happy this week (Feb. 13)

What’s making me happy this week? Read on.

Better Call SaulI finished the Breaking Bad series on Feb. 3, and the Feb. 8-9 premier of  427 more words


Julian Files, excerpt 9: Cedrick, Boyd, and the great ice cream debate

I know I keep doing a lot of excerpts for Julian Files–sorry. Hopefully there will be some new material you haven’t read yet when it’s finally finished ^^; 1,038 more words


15 Wickedly Awesome Wizard of Oz Adaptations

Another list caught my attention as Clipd.com put together 15 Wickedly Awesome Wizardly Wizard of Oz Adaptions.

Check out how L. Frank Baum’s children’s novel inspired a whole host of adaptations and re-imaginings since its first written account. 80 more words

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