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The States Show Jelly Babies (2009)

If you’ve been following my blog ever since I first set it up in July 2015, you may remember that part of my life story… 431 more words

Creative Work

MC Does A Knots Landing

MC does a Knots Landing or a Tucker’s Luck – spinning off, scaling down the budget and fielding a cast of newcomers.  Chris’s-Neighbour-Dave and No-Not-Mars-Bruno join the fray with an armful of vinyl and a Yoda-and-Obiwan level of combined musical knowledge. 390 more words

Spin Offs


So, my grandkids seem to have come across something called Blocksworld. It seems to be a site or app that lets you create these “blocksworlds” simply by stacking blocks. 69 more words

Spin Offs


Looks fun, huh?

Originally I thought this was going to be a next-gen Sarah Jane Adventures, full of movie-of-the-week growing-up troubles and soft lighting. Now it looks more like… 97 more words

Cool Stuff

Full Length Class Trailer!

You thought all we got from Class was a teaser? Think again! A full length trailer has just been released and you can view it here!

Class Teaser Released!

A new trailer for the new Doctor Who Spin-off has been released! The series will air on BBC Three on 22nd October. Check out the amazing trailer below!

A Fix With Sontarans

It’s a short one today, as I go from Seville to Savile. It’s not a pleasant journey. I loved Jim’ll Fix It as a child, and I wrote in a handful of times, asking to either read out the football scores or fly Starbug. 273 more words