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Why doesn’t the dark side of the Earth freeze at night in the globe model?

If the Earth is a sphere (or an oblate spheroid), and the two supposed poles of the ball Earth are perpetually covered with ice and experience extreme freezing cold temperatures, then why doesn’t the dark side of the supposed ball Earth experience extreme cold temperatures every night when it is facing away from the sun as the Earth spins on its axis? 55 more words

Flat Earth


What is this you’re saying?
It doesn’t feel quite right.
The biased half truths are playing
With my reason and insight.

The feasibility
Of what you’re proposing… 52 more words


Knowle officer decision exposes hypocrisy of planning system

Unsurprisingly, planning officers have recommended the PegasusLife planning application for luxury flats at the Knowle.

Well, be honest, would you go against the wishes of your CEO, deputy CEO and all the Tory councillors? 43 more words


Exmouth: have councillors been misled - asks councillor

Have Councillors been misled?

East Devon District Council’s Cabinet “rubber stamped” the go ahead for a “full planning permission” on the redevelopment at Queen’s Drive, Exmouth which they were told needs to be submitted by the end of the year. 403 more words


The case for secret organisations

Are secret organisations evil? Yes? No? Consider this. We often hear of people from different race groups complaining that there is no unity in the group. 14 more words