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The Quantum Mechanics of Voting

Now that I’ve finished a marathon session of report-writing I thought I’d take a few minutes out this Friday afternoon, have a cup of tea and pass on a rather silly thought I had the other day about the relationship between Quantum Mechanics (and specifically the behaviour of spin therein) and voting behaviour in elections and referendums. 733 more words

The Universe And Stuff

Dog Collar Crime*

Push self hard at Spin and manage to do a bit better than in recent sessions. Show you:

Despite the panther lying on the floor in front of my bike, get my heart rate up into the yellow zone a fair bit. 95 more words

41,320 free VP awarded in latest Spin & Win

Did you miss out on the most recent Spin & Win contest, held between June 19, 2017 through June 21, 2017? Affiliates who spotted the Spin & Win notice–announced in the weekly SFI Newsletter to Affiliates, mailed out Monday, June 19–and who entered the free contest… 256 more words



don’t stop spinning
the universe won’t
so don’t.

don’t stop spinning
the waves will crash all over again
and your heart will skip
two thousand fifty-five billion beats… 130 more words


Hoće li Zemlja ikad prestati rotirati?

Zemlja nikada neće prestati da rotira. Zemlja se rotira u najčistijem, savršenom vakuumu u celom svemiru – praznom prostoru. Prostor je tako prazan, tako da je lišen bilo čega šta bi moglo da uspori Zemlju, pa se ona samo vrti i vrti, praktično bez trenja. 428 more words

Fitness You Love

I am sure that I have said it before but in case I haven’t here it is, I am in no way an expert on health/nutrition/fitness. 438 more words


New Spins on Old Techniques

Like the world of fashion, trends in papercrafting are always changing. One day it’s all about brads and buttons and the next it’s all about sparkles and shimmer! 570 more words