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From T & C Forum: Cutting through the Spin on Planned Parenthood selling baby parts

Regarding the revelations of top Planned Parenthood, the nation’s number one abortion provider, selling parts of aborted babies:

“Planned Parenthood wants to use the rhetoric of “research” and legality, even though the profit-generating nature of this practice is plainly evident. 94 more words

Catholic Explanations

Annual Meteor Showers and A Rapidly Spinning Ball Earth

Sometimes it is the simplicity of logic and thought which exposes the true lies of heliocentric theory.

According to every astronomist, physicist, NASA engineer and astrophysicist, the Earth spins at 1,000 mph on its axis, while hurling some 533 million miles around the Sun, some 93 million miles away, in one year. 876 more words


Spin Away

Every so often I do still haul out the wheel and spin something. I’m trying to get into the hang of spinning on a more regular basis. 64 more words


Best Spin Class Ever

I admit that I used to be slightly obsessed with Spin Class, which really made my legs slim down as much as those thick thighs could. 265 more words


Brent Edwards takes a bow

It seems thoroughly unfair that hot on the heels of losing Dita de Boni from our political commentariat, we’re saying goodbye to Brent Edwards as political editor at Radio New Zealand. 157 more words


Spin Class, Intervals July 2015

Hello everyone,

Here is a spin class I created in July and a picture of me in my camouflage spin outfit I put together.  This workout has us warming up in the first stage and ending on a “warm up” interval.   475 more words

Spin Class

Meteor Js : How to show an animation of an engine running while processing?

For do this you can use the package :  sacha:spin

You need :

meteor add sacha:spin

And add in your layout :

{{> spinner}}

Example :

40 more words