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Momentum sudut kuantum

Setiap benda yang berotasi memiliki sebuah kuantitas yang dinamakan memomentum sudut. Momentum sudut menentukan seberapa cepat perputaran sebuah benda  pada satu poros. Momentum sudut adalah besaran vektor yang mengarah sepanjang poros perputaran benda. 389 more words


Pitches vs Schoolwork

It is fall in southwest India. The sun has been attacking the pitch for nearly four months without stopping. Not a single cloud passed through the sky. 938 more words


  • Class: Signature
  • Instructor: Emma
  • Location: 127 Plymouth Street
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The temperature in New York on Saturday was a mild 65 degrees. 174 more words


Man who ran for Police and Crime Commissioner convicted of electoral fraud

From the blog of Dr Mark Pack – who is assiduously following the cases of electoral fraud from the 2015 elections:

“Last year I covered the odd case of a man facing trial on electoral fraud charges who managed to get the trial delayed… because he was running for Police and Crime Commissioner. 222 more words


Fake News

Fake News has probably been with us from time immemorial in that in the form of spin people have tried forever to put the most advantageous interpretation on events. 150 more words


Push self hard at Spin. Here is graph:

Then achieve a bath and then pose for some photos with my fluffy monster:

He really is the best fluffy monster in the world. 110 more words

Not all working people are working class

Never an episode of question time goes by without some Tory cabinet minister responding to a question about the working class with an “answer” (MASSIVE QUOTATION MARKS) about how the conservatives are the party of the “working people”. 96 more words