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Guest blogger: Jaimie Moore

I’ve been friends with Jaimie and her husband Jimmy Moore for a very long time.  We worked together at WSPA-TV.  Jaimie was a nighttime producer and Jimmy was an extremely talented photographer.  948 more words

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Independence...A Game of Give and Take

Happy Independence Day America, even if it is two days late.  Just two days ago I was thinking about my own independence and if it will ever really come or if this as good as it gets.   375 more words

Spinal Cord Injury

Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine Therapies for Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Abstract: Spinal cord injury results in the permanent loss of function, causing enormous personal, social and economic problems. Even though neural regeneration has been proven to be a natural mechanism, central nervous system repair mechanisms are ineffective due to the imbalance of the inhibitory and excitatory factors implicated in neuroregeneration. 97 more words

Regenerative Medicine

Part of a research programme by Professor Anthony J Sargeant and colleagues into Spinal Cord Injury

The research shows how even quite short periods of functional electrical stimulation can change the properties of paralysed muscle in persons with spinal cord injury making them more fatigue resistant… 289 more words

Time and Patience - It Is Possible to Have Everything You Want and More

At the end of June, during a rummage sale at my parents home, I turned a major, I mean massive, I thought it never may never happen corner.   666 more words

Spinal Cord Injury

Anthony J Sargeant and colleagues research into Spinal Cord Injury and the properties of paralysed muscle

Professor Anthony J Sargeant was the head of department together with Arnold de Haan responsible for the initiation of a series of studies relating to spinal cord injury. 293 more words