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Reality is Sugar Free

Some of my doctors are better than others at providing a clear view of reality, while others offer the sugar coated version. Some are extremely confident while others provide wiggle and waffle room. 1,032 more words



These are not transcripts but excerpts of the conversations with the rehabilitation staff.

Can you discuss what is dyautonomia and what does it mean to get a “tilt test”? 936 more words

When Your Daughter Discovers You're Different

Raising our children to be accepting of all types of people has always been a top priority for me and my husband but it was never a personal battle until after my injury. 694 more words

Living With SCI

Some questions have more than one right answer

Taking tests in school I never much cared for multiple choice tests that allowed for more than one right answer, as in check all that apply. 887 more words


First time wearing a suit

There are a lot of things I feel like I am doing them for the first time in my new life, after my accident. This time I had a really good reason to wear a white business shirt and a blue jacket: My grandma. 86 more words


Why Accessibility Matters

Have you ever been unable to get to your car because the elevator that brought you up from the parkade is now out of service? Have you ever gone out with your friends or family just to be left at the bottom of a staircase while they figure out how to get you into the building? 1,320 more words

Living With SCI