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CBD vape online: more info

We have more information about the availability of CBD vapes online. Here is  another  video about another source to help you inform yourself about this. 73 more words

Medical Marijuana

The Drama Is Free, Heartbreak is Not.

So what I've omitted during my harrowing struggle for my life as I know it, is many times I've come very close to leaving Mr. Coffee to reunite my marriage to my first husband – who no matter how many low points always was there for me and he in some way always be paired to my soul. 1,229 more words

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Social Media & Why It Helps Me!

I grew up during the time Facebook was first launched, and it became a huge part of life for almost everyone. I remember going home after school, and chatting to all my school friends straight away, and posting embarrassing photos of each other! 1,479 more words


Spinal Cord Injury: Let’s Clear the Air(ways)

The spinal cord is the information processing highway in animals (including humans) that have a backbone. In humans, the spinal cord contains nerve cells called motor neurons that control movement in the muscle fibers of the body, similar to the way a puppeteer controls the movements of a puppet. 366 more words

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A Miracle, Four Hours & An Unexpected New Life

Continued From Oops That Wasn't a Light but a Train!

The day finally came. I wasn't dreading it, actually looking forward to closing out the 6 year circle that plagued me and gave my doctors a surprise they didn't plan on. 1,165 more words

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Oops.. that wasn't a light but a train!

Continued from Darkness & Light

That day is April 2015 is one I'll never forget. Laying in that MRI machine I got "that feeling", something that I almost never get but when I do it's never wrong. 1,016 more words

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Why You Shouldn't Laugh When I Mention Harry Styles

          Let’s face it, everybody that knows me knows I’m “obsessed” with Harry Styles.  It’s easy to listen to me ramble on about how much I love him—or simply mention his name—and get annoyed.   985 more words

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