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Testing continued, regaining mojo, human contact

It was another bluebird day at Jackson Hole, and conditions were very similar to yesterday to continue to test the leg. I was in no rush to get first lift due to the extreme inversion effect here. 349 more words

Spinal Cord Injury

Never Walk Again

Today I went to see a neurosurgeon. My foot drop returned in full force on the right side after some improvement and my rehab doctor and I couldn’t figure it out. 383 more words


What I Wish My Doctor Said Instead

Greetings, internet! As a friend recently pointed out to me, it’s been a while since my last post. In my defense, I started a Masters degree in Education, submitted PhD applications for History programs (that’s right – a semester of Education school has confirmed that I’m a medievalist at heart), started an internship at my Ed school’s Access and Disability Services office, … 1,700 more words

Testing the leg at Jackson Hole

Today was the litmus test to see if I could ski or have to cut this trip short. The answer is not entirely clear, as I am not sure whether it was the injury, a crash, or conditions that made me ski for only a short period of time today. 468 more words

Spinal Cord Injury

The Roots Of Psychedelia

What is the root of psychedelia? Is it within us or without? Are the tangled branches of the trees really cradling peering eyes? Most would say “No, dammit, you’re obviously on drugs.” While some consider psychedelics and spiritual experiences a window into reality, or one possible form of it, many are convinced that if no one else sees it, it doesn’t exist. 204 more words


Phelps Lake snowshoe

While I waited for my cortisone shot from yesterday to take effect and test skiing out tomorrow (Sunday), I decided to check out the Granite Canyon Trailhead area near Moose, WY, also within the Grand Teton National Park. 361 more words

Spinal Cord Injury

The Peace of Wild Things

I needed to get out and recharge my very depleted batteries from the last fortnight of misfortunes. One of my favourite poems describes the sense of peace and home this morning in Grand Teton National Park. 302 more words

Spinal Cord Injury