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Alternative Treatment For Spinal Cord Injury Bring New Hope (Stem Cell Therapy)

Spinal cord injuries are caused when soft spinal cord tissue is torn. It happens due to road accidents and cause by other disorders. Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) caused significant impact on most aspects of daily life. 116 more words

Spinal Cord Injury Symptoms

Time for a Change

After I was injured in 1978, the neurologists at Ohio State University told me I was quadriplegic and would never use my hands again. A few months later, I was offered a slot in an experimental drug trial with helped me recover much of the use of my hands. 439 more words

Futuristic Romance

Stories from a Spinal Cord Injury Survivor: A Patient’s Perspectives

One of the reasons I love my OT program is that my instructors understand the importance of the “patient perspective.” Many of my homework and class activities have focused on understanding the experience of the clients OTs work with, and how personal factors (in OTPF language) can impact their recovery and the therapist’s treatment. 2,179 more words

Occupational Therapy School

Meri wali Maggi

Talking about food in my previous post, reminded me of this cool moment captured by my uncle. It’s from my initial days of the injury, when I was learning how to use my hands to eat food. 241 more words

Spinal Cord Injury

My tryst with food

Food. Need I say more?

No food, good for slimming down
Immediately after the accident, being operated at the neck and knowing that there is a tiny titanium plate keeping my spinal cord nodes together – I always felt the plate in my throat. 932 more words

Spinal Cord Injury

Six Years On

Sixth “Accidentiversary.” Not one of those much ballyhooed multiple-of-five years. While solemn, neither somber nor maudlin. Have been inspired and encouraged by valiant victors whose worlds have been rocked by trials far more severe, but who nonetheless press on and do the next thing. 215 more words

Fusion & Fission (Relationships)

Risking it All. What Can it Mean?

A couple of weeks ago Jenna asked if she could go to daycare.  Apparently I am not the ball of fun with which I see myself.   601 more words

Spinal Cord Injury