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Turning to Aquarium Fish for Human Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Syracuse University associate professor of biology Katharine Lewis has received a five-year grant of $242,500 from the New York State Spinal Cord Injury Research Board (SCIRB) that will support her lab’s research on spinal cord development in zebrafish. 30 more words


Alex's story: Finding my first job

I’ve never had a job before.

I was in formal education until 2014 when I graduated from University, and since then I have been unemployed. I studied Interdisciplinary Science for my Bachelors degree, and then Global Environmental Change for my Masters. 574 more words

Spinal Cord Injury

Some facts shaking down after 700 patients

We have now certified about 700 patients in the NYS Medical Marijuana program. We have over 250 data points in our results database.  Some things that are shaking down, in no particular order seem to be: 116 more words

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Neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury

People with spinal cord injuries can suffer from neuropathic pain. Dearbhla Burke is doing her research at University College Dublin about these pains and the possible ways to relieve them.

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A 'freak' accident sidelines lifelong athlete with severe spinal cord injury

Some people have natural athletic abilities, and Quebec-born Erin Saari, is one of them.

“I’ve been playing sports my entire life. I grew up playing soccer, played basketball, volleyball.

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Paraplegic Surgeon Heals Self by Helping Others

The May 3, 2017 issue of JBJS contains one more in a series of personal essays where orthopaedic clinicians tell a story about a high-impact lesson they learned that has altered their worldview, enhanced them personally, and positively affected the care they provide as orthopaedic physicians. 225 more words


The Pursuit Of Bladder Control - The Saga Continues

After months of trying to find the perfect solution to my bladder issues, I have conclusively determined that…there isn’t one. I suppose that is probably obvious because I’d be rich and famous right now if I had discovered the solution to bladder control after a spinal cord injury. 1,337 more words

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