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SCI Workout Consideration #1 - Thermoregulation

Maintaining a safe and consistent core body temperature is critical for our bodies to function properly. In general, the human body is very effective at maintaining a safe internal temperature because it has a series of involuntary mechanisms to regulate temperature.   544 more words

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The World of Disabilities in Relationships

As Codi Darnell relates, when you’re confined to a wheelchair after a spinal cord injury, sometimes it’s others’ prejudices and preconceived notions that present the greatest challenge.


The Top 6 Considerations for a Safe and Effective SCI Workout - Introduction

September is Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Awareness month.  As the month comes to a close, we will focus on the importance of exercise for individuals with SCI and take a look at 6 common conditions to be aware of when exercising to stay safe during your workout. 289 more words

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Let's start from the beginning.

As a young teenager, I was an avid volleyball player, had a solid group of friends that I enjoyed spending time with, and had big dreams for a bright and successful future; I’d graduate high school, go to college, have a great 9-5 job, get married, have a family … you know, the way you… 1,125 more words


Feature in Base Camp Magazine

I am always astonished by the people who happen to stumble across my blog. One such person was Cass Légér, the Editor of Base Camp Magazine… 208 more words

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DIY med marijuana CBD gel topical

Yes we are geeks, and yes you can do this yourself.
Here’s a page from Leafly on how to do this from scratch.

One quick n dirty recipe for making CBD topical  from the Green Mountain CBD edible salve ( 600 mg / 30 ml, $30 so far): 40 more words

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UCLA scientists begin a journey to restore the sense of touch in paralyzed patients

Yesterday, CIRM-funded scientists at UCLA published an interesting study that sheds light on the development of sensory neurons, a type of nerve cell that is damaged in patients with spinal cord injury. 719 more words

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